Wheel-Gunners Only: carry any spare ammo?

Wheel-Gunners Only: carry any spare ammo?

This is a discussion on Wheel-Gunners Only: carry any spare ammo? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For all you revolver carriers out there, here is a simple one: how much spare ammo do you generally take with your gun? And is ...

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Thread: Wheel-Gunners Only: carry any spare ammo?

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    Wheel-Gunners Only: carry any spare ammo?

    For all you revolver carriers out there, here is a simple one: how much spare ammo do you generally take with your gun? And is it loose, speed strip, or in a speed-loader?

    Simple question that I must honestly answer with usually "None!"

    I honestly usually only grab the pistol, toss it in a pocket holster and away I go. Now my car is generally a supply-depot! I keep a few boxes of ammo, SureFire 6P flashlight and a rechargeable Streamlight, my Spyderco folding knife (i think it's an Endura, with a serrated blade on my sun visor).

    But generally I have NO ammo on my person... am I alone in this? Even if I am carrying one of my Glocks, I generally don't tote a spare magazine. Of course, a 10 or 15 round magazine sort of diminishes the necessity of needing another magazine, but the revolver is limited to 5 or 6 rounds...

    Am I the norm? Or the exception?

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    I always have a speed strip in the watch pocket of my jeans. It takes up no space and I would rather have it and not need it than the opposite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tooldawg99 View Post
    Of course, a 10 or 15 round magazine sort of diminishes the necessity of needing another magazine,
    Er, the first time you have a problem with a magazine might change your thoughts on that. It can happen, even with Glocks.
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    Unfortunately usually none, although sometimes I'll carry a speed strip in my weak pocket. I prefer speed loaders and always have a couple in the truck, but never carry one because they're so bulky.

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    I usually carry 10 extra rounds in speed strips mostly. Sometimes I carry 10 extra in speedloaders.

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    I never leave the house without a speed loader in my strong side pants or jacket pocket or a magazine in my weak side pocket when carrying a semi-auto.....ALWAYS!!
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    it really doesnt matter how much ammo you are hauling in your car because if its not on you when you are out in a situation then it does you no good. I would definitely look into carrying extra ammo if I were you. I mean how much space does a speed strip/magazine take up anyway? If you are making room to carry a handgun you can make room to carry extra ammo for it

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    Autos--I'll carry at least a spare mag.

    Revolvers--no spare rounds. I can't reload a revolver quickly, so I'm not going to try. If I want more than what's in the gun, I'll carry more guns.

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    I carry 3 speed loaders when I carry a wheel gun. They're older ones, called the "second six' made about 20+ yrs ago. They are plastic, and utilize a push-feed mode, so the ctgs are pushed into the chambers.( back in the late 70s if you remember the movie Dirty Harry these types were used in the movie so now you know I'm and old fart) I have em for my J, K , and N frame guns. BTW these are different from the 6 second speedloader made by HKS
    I also have speed loaders made by safariland that I use as well.
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    I carry a speed strip and at least one speed loader. The speed strip is extra, extra ammo, I would use the loader first. I agree that you should carry a spare mag for your auto loader. It is actually easier to carry than a speed loader for the revo. Many auto malfunctions can be attributed to the magazine and a spare is very handy when this happens.

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    Thugs that comply, don't die!

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    I usually carry one speedstrip. I like the Quickstrips from Tuff Products. I like speedloaders from Safariland too and sometimes carry one of them. Either way I'm just carrying one reload.

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    If I take the speed loader, that's the only reload (besides another box in the car).

    If I take the speed strips, I normally take 2 (you can have more due to their more efficient use of space).
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    Always, always, always carry spare ammo. For me, that's a minimum of a speed strip when I carry the snub, usually a speedloader and a speed strip if the attire allows it. Out hiking, speedloaders and speed strips occupy various pockets in the shirt and cargo shorts/pants, typically 2 of each.
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    When I'm carrying my wheel gun as my primary I always carry an extra five rounds......in a second gun. When it comes to carrying wheel guns I prefer the NY reload
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    I always carry a speed loader in my pocket when I carry a revolver.

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