What makers have fast repair/service times?

What makers have fast repair/service times?

This is a discussion on What makers have fast repair/service times? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Rather than clutter my own thread about the Taurus TCP with a busted trigger mechanism brand new in the box, and *maybe* getting it back ...

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Thread: What makers have fast repair/service times?

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    What makers have fast repair/service times?

    Rather than clutter my own thread about the Taurus TCP with a busted trigger mechanism brand new in the box, and *maybe* getting it back by August, this needs a new thread.

    I still want a pocket .380. But...after my experience this week with Taurus, I want to know who has good customer service and is prompt to fix problems. Personally, I find 6-8 weeks totally unacceptable.

    Specifically, I've looked at the Micro Desert Eagle (and no, I don't mind the heavier weight). How is Magnum Research on customer service?

    I've also considered Kahr. How are they?

    Basically, I want to know who takes care of their customers vs. who gives a runaround.
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    The only "good" experience I've had is Ruger - recall on LCP. I have heard that S&W is good also. Taurus takes forever and probably won't get it right.

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    Sig repaired and returned my P238 in 7 days, as they said they would, at no cost to me.

    Kahr customer service is why I'll never buy another Kahr. They forced me to ship overnight, at my expense, were horrible in nearly every way, and kept the gun for weeks. At least they fixed the gun sufficiently to allow me to sell it.
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    Kel Tec is known for good CS, of course they get way to much practice at it!
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    I chose the Ruger LCP as the 380 that I carry. The price is not bad and the customer service (if needed) has a great reputation. It has a long and strong (12lb) trigger pull, but that it the safety. No levers to forget, just aim, pull and shoot.

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    I sent a defective gun (their error in letting it get past QA, should have been obvious) in to Sig and almost three weeks ago (5/18) they told me they were replacing it. So far I'm still waiting to hear it's shipping and am not sure what's taking so long.
    Because it was Sig I had just ASSUMED that a new gun had gone out within days and called my FFL until he finally asked me to stop calling and told me he'll let me know if he gets anything for me.

    I was already having buyer's remorse over the Sig thinking I should have bought the P22 but went with Sig because of their name and quality and service. I'm feeling foolish.

    +1 for Sig: they pay to ship the gun back to them :)
    -2 for Sig: where the f is my gun?
    -1 for Me: shouldn't have sold my old .22

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    S&W is great with service. I have never had any issues with my firearms, but was missing a front site to my Walther and they sent it out the same day. By the way, I was the second owner.

    SIG- I was not very impressed, they were slow to react even to simple emails. This was only one occasion with a P250. I got it looked at by a local smith and sold it after I verified the issue was fixed.
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    I just had a recent issue with me LCP. 3 week turn a round time to the day. They emailed me an overnight UPS label and sent it back 2 day air. Great to deal with over the phone as well as via email. It is my only Ruger I own, but since the customer service was top notch, I may purchase another of their products in the future...
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    I sent my Kahr CW9 back for some minor repairs and it only took 7 days turn around. Dealer I bought it from covered shipping from my end and kahr shipped it back on their dime. Not bad for any company. I got 2 weeks return on a Glock several years ago. Springfield Armory was also reasonable. Many years ago Kimber was a month or two and poor service, grouchy customer service reps., and got a lemon gun. I'd buy a Taurus before another Kimber. BTW, I have several Taurus pistols and revolvers and not a problem with one of them. Their QC seems to run good and bad.

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