KAHR PM9 for ankle carry??

KAHR PM9 for ankle carry??

This is a discussion on KAHR PM9 for ankle carry?? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i've had my eye on a KAHR PM9 for a while..for those who own this handgun,would the PM9 conceal well in a ankle holster? any ...

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Thread: KAHR PM9 for ankle carry??

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    KAHR PM9 for ankle carry??

    i've had my eye on a KAHR PM9 for a while..for those who own this handgun,would the PM9 conceal well in a ankle holster? any general input/opinions about the PM9 also welcome..

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    I guess it would.. but I carry mine in my front pocket

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    The Kahr PM9 is going to be around 20oz. fully loaded. I'm not a fan of ankle carry at all, but the PM9 is one of the lightest 9mm handguns you'll find.

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    I carry the PM9 in an ankle holster due to the clothes I have to wear at work, its the only way I can hide it. I found 2 holsters to be very comfortable, the Galco Ankle Glove and the Renegade. The Galco is molded to a specific gun but the Renegade seems to fit multiple weapons even though they dont advertise that fact. The ankle holster has a disadvantage in that it is hard to get to the weapon quickly but since I work in a very low risk environment I use it. The PM9with empty mag weighs 15.9oz and about 18oz with a loaded mag so its really comfortable to carry. The gun does have a tendency to get dusty so you have to be sure to keep it clean. Everything is a trade off with advantages and disadvantages, you will have to decide what will work best for your particular situation. It is a great gun and mine has been flawless from day one.

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    Ankle carry can get pretty dirty. This is one application where I would consider a revolver.
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    carry the PM9 in a pocket or a appendix carry holster. Save the fuzzy dirty ankle carry for an ultralightweight snubbie.
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    I've carried an MK9 as my "church gun" on my ankle...so it is possible.
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    The PM9 can be carried very easily on your ankle. I used to carry mine on my ankle until I replaced it with my M&P 340. You won't even notice you have it on. Keep in mind though I went from a Glock 27 to the PM9 for ankle carry.
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    I carry my PM9 in a pocket holster or, if I'm wearing something to cover it, a strong side paddle holster ... haven't tried ankle carry and it does't appeal to me, but if it's all you've got, it should work fine. Agree with others that it will take a bit more maintenance to keep it clean, but cleaning a gun is fun!
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    I tried to, I really did. But my PM9 was just too heavy for my skinny ankles. Also as an older type that doesn't exercise, it affected my stride like carrying a grandchild hanging onto my leg. Just walking would make it slide down to the top of my foot, even with the thigh strap so tight it dug into the meat.

    I hope you can try it before you lock into a holster. It works for some, but not all.

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