Bersa Thunder .380

Bersa Thunder .380

This is a discussion on Bersa Thunder .380 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm looking for some good honest feedback on a Bersa Thunder .380 for the wife to purse carry. She has a Taurus mil pro 9mm ...

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    Bersa Thunder .380

    I'm looking for some good honest feedback on a Bersa Thunder .380 for the wife to purse carry. She has a Taurus mil pro 9mm that is a great pistol, but is a little big for purse carry and we are shopping around for something a little smaller.
    John Luttrell

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    They are a great gun for the money. I'd check out the 380CC model, it's a little shorter and lighter than the regular Thunder 380 model.

    Here's mine, with a set of Marschal grips. I sold her when .380 became so scarce but regretted it ever since. Of course now .380 is starting to appear again, DOHH!

    Bersa’s New Thunder 380 Concealed Carry .380 ACP Auto Pistol

    Thunder 380 Concealed Carry

    I'm going to look for another one this weekend at a gun show!
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    I would agree, the CC model is preferable though you have to pay for that. A friend has one and I do like it. My wifes is the standard. No issues at all. They just work. Really amazing for the price tag. First couple of hundred rounds I realized that it preferred 100 gr so that's what I fed it. Since then, anything. My buddy's CC model was no problems w/any ammo from day one. They're both bigger than my Sig P238 and for that reason, I don't carry a Bersa. But they work pretty much all the time.
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    I have the DLX...great gun. I have no complaints at all.
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    My wife and I both own one and we love them. They're small, light, and easy to conceal. Totally reliable and VERY accurate. We love the drop hammer safety with the DA first/SA rest trigger action. Great shooters, very little recoil.

    Good ammo makes is a very viable carry weapon. I like Corbon DPX.

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    The Bersa Thunder is a nice option. It was my first CCW. The only reason I got rid of it was the ''can't find ammo'' dilemma. I have nothing bad to say about the gun.
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    Had one and it was perfect. Very accurate, no real recoil, and it just always functioned. I did get rid of it for another gun becasue if I carried it, I could just as easily carry a Kahr 9mm and .380 is too expensive for plinking so I let mine go. If .380 were cheaper I'd have kept it. If your wife doesn't/wouldn't like a comparably sized 9mm then the Bersa is a good way to go, however, before I'd step down to the .380, I'd seriously consider a small revolver and carry .38+p.

    God Bless

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    It's great!!! I shot one this evening and I have the Bersa Thunder 9UC (same weapon in 9mm). They are accurate, well built, smooth shooting, and very reliable. It is much better shooting that the LCP or kel tec .380s, perhaps because it is a little larger and heavier. Recoil is nothing in it. I'm sure she would find it to be very easy to shoot. The CC model is a little more compact. You just can't go wrong with either model.
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    I can't offer much to the thread, as I have not shot one, but for what it is worth, if I had the funds for a few more pistols, Bersa in a 9mm would get a close look at.
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    I have a Kahr PM9 and a Bersa Thunder CC .380. Both easy to carry, with the Kahr being smaller, but the Bersa is thinner and feels a little lighter. For purse carry I feel the Bersa would be an easier fit, and its decocker/safety is a very nice feature. It is easily switched to fire as you'd draw it from a purse. The Bersa Thunder (non-CC version) is also a very nice weapon but is a little longer, thicker, and heavier - although it does have better sights and a higher profile decocker/safety. With the .380 the Bersa is a pretty soft shooter. Checker out - the Bersa has a very loyal and informed following.

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    Great gun. Initially mine was finicky about Winchester ball ammo but it's feeding fine now. 9 round magazine ordered from bersa was here in a week and the gun is so easy to control which allows for great accuracy.

    I've made mine my EDC.

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    I have the Bersa Thunder .380 CC model. The only issues with it so far was 2-3 Fail to Feeds in the first couple magazines. Not sure if it was due to limp wristing or not, since my girlfriend was firing it. Since then, not any issues. I've read online that some people have similar issues in the first few magazines, and it goes away on it's own.

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    Absolutely GREAT GUN. Very reliable and it will eat anything you give it. Some of the models can be a bit rough around the edges but that is a small price to pay for a economical, dependable, and reliable firearm.
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    Great gun, but it will not be a lot smaller than a Taurus PT-111.
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    I had a Bersa 380, wasn't called a " Thunder " back then. 14 shot double stack mag. Good pistol, but a couple ammo brands were not reliable in it. Basically, aluminum/steel cases. Brass was fine.

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