Did I get a good deal?

Did I get a good deal?

This is a discussion on Did I get a good deal? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I ran across a used HK USP Compact 9mm at my LGS. I have always heard good things about this model but they're typically outside ...

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Thread: Did I get a good deal?

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    Did I get a good deal?

    I ran across a used HK USP Compact 9mm at my LGS. I have always heard good things about this model but they're typically outside my price range for serious consideration. The consignment tag on it said $600 and the gun was in really good shape, in fact it didn't even look like it had been fired. I offered $550 and a call was made to the owner; she accepted and 45 mins later I was on my way with a new (to me) gun. I field stripped the gun when I got home and found thick heavy lube inside and still could not find any signs that it had ever been fired. The mags are in perfect shape and the followers untouched. It also came with a third, brand new in the bag magazine; all of them 13 rounders. The serial number indicates it was manufactured in 2004 but I'm thinking I got a NIB five year old HK for $550 :)


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    I see no reason not to be happy. You purchased a lightly used handgun (that retails new for around 8 bills) that you can be proud of, thats made by a quality manufacturer. Good find and great gun.
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    Sounds like a great deal to me. Congratulations!

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    WOW,thats like finding a mint '76 Camaro in a garage on blocks, under a tarp and only paying $4000 for it
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    Congrats, sounds like you got a great deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCWFlaRuger View Post
    WOW,thats like finding a mint '76 Camaro in a garage on blocks, under a tarp and only paying $4000 for it
    I wouldn't say its THAT good a deal - but it is a really nice find! Good job OP!

    If I found one of these Camaros you speak of, I would sell some things just to buy it!
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    I'd be happy with that deal!
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    I am sorry that you got screwed, but since I am such a nice guy, I could probably get you your money back. It is not a glock and everyone knows that makes the gun inferior.... Good show, send a range report.
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    I wouldn't complain if I got the same deal
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    After you've bought it, is too late to be worried about rather you got a good deal. Just enjoy it and don't worry about it.
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    goog deal for a good gun.
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    I used to worry about the same things... my wife finally got tired of hearing me torment myself and reminded me of one thing, you can't take it with you. Obviously you thought it was a good deal, clean it up, shoot the snot out of it, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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