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This is a discussion on G19 Grip Chop within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by YFZsandrider Can we get some beter pics of the end of the grip, without a mag in it? No problem....

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Thread: G19 Grip Chop

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    Quote Originally Posted by YFZsandrider View Post
    Can we get some beter pics of the end of the grip, without a mag in it?
    No problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    The reason I went with a Glock 26 was because I wanted the option of having a shorter grip because I'm a small guy and the 2 finger grip makes a massive difference on being able to conceal the gun while still wearing clothes that fit. However I would have preferred the longer sight radius and accessory rail on a 19. By chopping the handle you basically get the best of both worlds. If I were to carry a 19 with this mod I would carry it a 26 mag with a gap floor plate and then when I went to bed I would put in a 19 mag and stick a light on the front.

    I love my 26 but if I had it to do over again I would go with a 19 and have this mod done to it.

    Edit - It's kinda like the 1911's with the commander slides but the officers grip. (I think I got the names right)
    Options are great. Here is what I can do that a factory g19 can't do.

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    gutsy move,but looks like you did a good job!

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    As long as you never sale it,or find somebody who likes the chop,then good deal,but most people shy away from custom jobs that aren't done by reputable shops.
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    I do see the point of the longer barrell and sight radius, but I lack the intestinal fortitude to do that to one of my guns.
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    Back in about 1985, Gary Brommeland wrote an article in Combat Handguns about cutting the grip on a 17 to 19 length. I took an old 1st Gen. 17 and did the same thing. I love it! It's a beat-up old sleeper with a slick, custom action tune, tritium front dot, Novak black rear and steel guide rod. Full-G-17 ballistics, as easy to conceal as a 19. The OP's idea is just another step in the same direction. The difference between 19 and 26 ballistics is significant, and the better sight radius counts, too. I like it!

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    just to take it back to square one it seemed by your description it was for concealability only...hence all of the questions regarding why when glock makes a similar gun with all of that concealability you were after...

    the longer sight radius is one of the reasons i like my 19 more than my 26 also...but in a self defense encounter and most of the time at the range i shoot sightless so there is little difference in accuracy for me...

    i get it...and you did a great job...youre the only person in the world who has to like it and how happy you are says volumes about whether it was worhtwhile or not for you...i'm the last one to worry about the resale of one of my guns cause if i like em theyre not going anywhere...

    youve definately made it a more versatile gun...i'm not a big fan of the mag extensions for oversize mags...they make the mags bulky to stow...i have found that i shoot very well with just a larger mag sticking out of the bottom of my 19, 26 or 30sf to wrap my fingers around...

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    Cool job!

    Looks like you saved ~$500 by not buying a Glock 26 and got exactly what you wanted.

    Regarding trigger safety, where'd he say that he used it while carrying?

    Not sure if you have or not, but it looks like you might want to do some sanding on the cut edges to smooth them out.
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    Put down that dremal tool and slowly back away for my guns

    That just pains me....glad you like it.

    Thought about chopin this one, but decided to let Eddy Brown do it

    Ed Brown Kobra Carry | HK P7M8, P2000sk, P30s | Sig P238, P239SAS, 1911 C3, P232, P938 | Colt Defender, Mustang Pocketlite, 1911 | Rohrbaugh R9 | Kimber Covert Ultra II | Browning HP, Buckmark 22LR(suppressed| Walter PPK(1966) | Kahr PM9 Black Rose |

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    Quote Originally Posted by proverbs308 View Post
    Options are great. Here is what I can do that a factory g19 can't do.
    ...but a G26 can...

    I admire your workmanship, but count me on the side of the "wonderers".
    If handguns cause crime, mine are deffective - Ted Nugent

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    I would have just bought a looser shirt. Or a G26. Proportion and balance are important to me, and that thing just looks ungainly.

    What really makes me shake my head is the aftermarket trigger safety. What could be a worse possible place to put a manual safety than on the trigger? Good luck remembering to deactivate it in a lethal force encounter.

    Siderlock =
    Slow is smooth.....smooth is fast.

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    great job OP, and if that is what you like, thats all that matters.......

    but i just dont get what difference a slightly "longer" sight radius really matters on a CCW gun?????

    and it would seem like the shortened grip would make the gun feel "off balance"....

    and wouldnt such a modification, along with all the "grip stippling" i see done with a soldering iron, compromise the integrity of the polymer??????

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    Nice work, just think a G-26 would be easier to deal with...no real advantage to the longer sight radius in my book. We're not talking 100 yard shots here...just Wally World parking lots. OMOYMV
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    Still dont get it, but its your gun so more power to you. The comment about the longer sight radius being more accurate is an old misconception that I would love to see go away though. The mechanical accuracy of a longer barrel to a shorter barrel is no different. However, the longer sight radius of the longer barrel allows for easier accurate shooting. But in comparing the g19 to the g26, both in shooting comparison and a side by side comparison, I can see no appreciable difference. If you cant hit it with a g26, your probably not gonna do it with a g19. Glad the OP is happy, and thats what counts here, but for me its an answer in search of a question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    I really am having trouble understanding the point in this. Why not just trade for a g 26 if you want a shorter grip?
    me too
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