Walther PK380

Walther PK380

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Thread: Walther PK380

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    Walther PK380

    I have both a Ruger GP-100 (4" bbl.) and SP-101 (2 1/4" bbl.) at present. The GP is my range gun and the SP my CCW. I like both these weapons tremendously. However, the SP is a tad on the heavy side for CCW, which is why I'm looking at the new PK.

    It's not like I have the opportunity to choose any firearm either. As I reside in MA and our AG has a very limited and strict list of firearms which can/cannot be purchased in this state. And I don't even have the option of being able to purchase a firearm out-of-state either! (Great world, isn't it!)

    Believe it or not, the new PK is on the approved list of firearms! Probably because of the keyed gun lock integrated into the frame design.

    So....what do you folks think of this new PK? The light, compactness of this weapon appeals to me. I'm not crazy about the .380 caliber, but it'll do in a pinch I suppose. Thanks for your input.
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    If you want a larger caliber kahr has MA approved line out though it will probaly cost considerably more but a pm9 would be smaller
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    Just picked it up yesturday. GS had it on sale NIB for 270.00. Took it to the range today and was very impressed. Very accurate, didn't even notice recoil. I like it.
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    S&W bodyguard 380 is also legal in mass I believe and it is smaller. On the flip side you give up capacity.

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    Is the PPS not legal in Mass? If it is, it is 6/7/8+1 in 9mm! And it is smaller than the PK.
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