Is this a fair price?

Is this a fair price?

This is a discussion on Is this a fair price? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I saw a used Ruger Security Six .357 Magnum today for $499. It needs new sights and grips as they are really worn. Is this ...

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Thread: Is this a fair price?

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    Is this a fair price?

    I saw a used Ruger Security Six .357 Magnum today for $499. It needs new sights and grips as they are really worn. Is this still a fair price or should I talk them down?

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    No, No, No.... My local dealer sold one of his personal blued 4" Security Six the other day for $349. His was a solid 95% revolver.

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    If I was spending that kind of money, I'd be looking for a new gun!
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    How do you wear out grips and sights,unless they are night sights,sounds like that pistol may of been abused
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    That's too high.

    Every so often I check out gunbroker for security six's (eventually I'll pick one up). If you sign in an go to the completed auctions you will see what most are willing to spend.

    It looks like you can pick up a really good one (95%) for low to mid $300's, combined with shipping and FFL you can still get them to your door for under $400.

    Keep looking...

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    yup - waaaaaaayyyyy too much
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    sounds like a $250-$280 gun to me.
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    No way I'd pay that price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamSean View Post
    I saw a used Ruger Security Six .357 Magnum today for $499. It needs new sights and grips as they are really worn. Is this still a fair price or should I talk them down?
    WOW! you can buy a NEW GP100 Stainless for about that money! Stay aways from that "deal" whoever is offering it to you.
    A fair price for what you're describing seeing the gun is worn and such would be 245.00 to 265.00 and no more. The guy will say you're out of your mind, but pass on it.
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    To much

    Keep looking pd 300 for mine from a friend, sounds like that 1 has been abused

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    I paid $300 for one in pristine condition a few years ago. It's not a collector's item...
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    unless you have your heart set on a Ruger or a 357, check these out at R&G sales for $250. buy a new hammer from S&W and you're good to go.

    Smith & Wesson Model 64 38Spl 4in Stainless, Round Butt w/ Bobbed Hammer. Very good plus condition $275

    Also consider one of these, I have 2 and believe they are a better gun. I like Rugers and S&Ws but it's hard to beat a good deal on a Dan Wesson.

    Dan Wesson 357 mag : Revolvers at $330

    Dan Wesson, model 14, .357. (U 4888) 357 : Revolvers at $325

    Dan Wesson CTG 357 Magnum Black 6 Shot : Revolvers at $330

    Some of them go high but keep looking until you come across something you like.
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