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Thread: Wheelguns

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    Talking Wheelguns

    As ya'll can probably tell from my name, I like revolvers. Although I have been carrying autos for the past few years, I have just become the proud owner of an S&W 325 PD. I have been shooting moon guns in IDPA and IPSC for several years and am very comfortable with them. (Sometimes my revolver reloads are faster than my auto reloads.) I was just wondering if anyone else is using the 325 as a carry gun, and if so, opinions would be appreciated.

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    Not carrying a wheelie any more - used to use SP-101 - but I can at least join your club

    I teethed on wheelies way way back and they still have a very important place in my collection - from snub thru various older Smiths, and even one or two newer ones (darn the lock!) - to my hand cannons which I really enjoy
    Chris - P95
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    I shoot revo's fairly regular. Our group of shooters has a revo "match" once a month. A couple of the guys are great shooters. I shoot a 44Mag with hand loaded Specials coming out at 800fps.

    I also hunt deer and especially hogs with one. The revo's are great in the thickest of brush and vines when face to face with a very mad boar.

    Have you ever tried shooting the .45Auto Rimmed? One of the guys buys his brass from Starline and loads a 255gr.simi wadcutter(IIRC). No moon clips needed also.

    You will find allot of revo shooters here. -------

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    Thumbs up Todays range trip

    Shot the 329PD, 296, and 396.

    The 396 is a recent addition, and is doing well. The 296 has been a constant companion for about three year, along with the 329.

    Love the Ti guns.

    My normal carry is three revolvers, usually a 44 Mag, 44 Special and a 642.
    Keep the shotgun handy!!

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    I don't have the 325, but I do exclusively own and carry wheel guns. I have gone the route of several automatics over the last few years and got rid of all of them. 2 .357s, a .38 special a .44 magnum, and a .22 comprise my current collection.

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    No 325's in my inventory....but I have four revolvers in my inventory: two Dan Wesson M15's (with four different barrels) and a S&W 65 .357 Magnum revolvers and a just acquired Taurus 905 9mm revolver which I need to pick up from my local dealer.
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    I carry a slightly modified Model 36, or a Model 940 or a CS-1 or a Model 65, all three inchers, for my day time carry piece on occassion. I think that revolvers are highly underated. I carried a S&W Revolver the first half of my LE Career. I really like S&Ws. I also like Sigs, Glocks and 1911s.

    Jungle Work

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    Mason, MI, USA
    I have two revovlers. However one is a C&B replica. It's the Euroarms Remington look alike, New Model Army in .36 caliber.

    My other revolver is the Taurus 617B 2" barreled, snubnose, .357 magnum, 7 shot revolver. When I'm working, it is typically my BUG.

    When I'm not working, and I'm just going down the street to the local QD (Quality Dairy for those of you NOT from Michigan :) ), then I'll carry that if I'm in a lazy mood and don't want the extra weight of my normal carry weapon, my full size Steel frame, Wonder finish, EAA Witness. (Sorry, every time I mention that gun, I feel like I have to put the full description out there. ;) )

    The 617B is a good shooter. Though I would not want it in Titanium.

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    South Florida
    I love my wheelguns.
    When I'm out in the Wood's GP-100 is
    my trusted companion.
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    I really like wheelguns. It takes a little more skill to shoot them accurately. There is an .45 auto rim in the family and it is really fun to shoot. Use moon clips and you can shoot the same 45 ACP rounds as the 1911. I have been looking at the new smith .45 ACP revolvers. Does anyone know if you need more clips for those?

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    I don't carry one, but did train on the M66 Smith's. Fun to shoot , but I like autos too much now.
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    I also have a 325PD. I carry it sometimes. My main carrys are a 642 and a 940. The last two have Crimson Trace laser grips. I also have orange fiber optic on the 642 and orange insert on the 940. I shoot all three accurately. They are all comfortable to carry but the most comfortable of course is the 642.

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    My summer carry is a Charter Arms undercover .38. Good gun for the price. I'm hoping they will come out with a .45 ACP model on the 44 spl frame.
    Winter carry will be either a Ruger P89 or a Colt 1911 depending on my mood that day.

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    Seems like wheelguns are becoming a thing of the past. People nowdays tend to favor autoloading pistols over revolvers. I personally like wheelguns better for their simplicity and reliability, although I do own two autoloaders and one revolver. The one revolver I do have is a snubnose 357 Magnum that I carry on rainy, snowy, and cloudy days.

    A bit of gun porn! My guns love to have their picture taken.

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    I've carried both revolvers and semi-autos mostly for hunting as we can't, legally, carry concealed here in Wisconsin yet. Currently my only wheel gun is a Colt Python that I still use for deer hunting. One of my previous favorites was a S&W model 63, 4" stainless .22LR revolver. I carried it often when out in the woods and taken many rabbits, squirrels and even partridge. Sorry I sold it a few years back. Can't advise on what you should carry other than use what your comfortable with. BTW, welcome to the forum and enjoy.
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