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    What is the general concensius on the Rohrbaugh R9S? Seems like a well made, small, but expensive 9mm....

    12 Gauge
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    fragile and overpriced....simply not worth it for a kelvin

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    Quote Originally Posted by 12 gauge View Post
    What is the general concensius on the Rohrbaugh R9S? Seems like a well made, small, but expensive 9mm....

    12 Gauge
    I do not own one and I have not shot one so feel free to totally disregard my opinion. I LOVE the idea of a pocket pistol this small in 9mm. My problem is two fold. 1. The cost. 2. I have heard from several sources that you have to replace the recoil spring every 200 rounds.
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    Yeah the price is steep and it has that weird mag release on the bottom...and it's so small it must kick like a mule.
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    I talked to a guy at the gunshop who said recoil is not bad. I tested the trigger and was quite amazed.

    For that price, a person is better off with a cheaper gun with a Premium Holster and Belt.
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    The manual confirms replace the spring every 200 rounds and no +P / +P+ ammo. I was checking them out, but don't and won't own one.

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    I'll pass!
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    Great looking little pocket rocket, but very expensive. If you have the extra change, then go for it. I doubt it could be much of a range gun unless you have 'superman hands'...OMOYMV
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    I looked at one at the indoor range about an hour ago. They were asking $1,100 for it. I suppose if I didn't have my Colt Pocket Nine, I might consider it, but for now I could pass on it.

    It's larger than my Seecamp and a little smaller than the Pocket Nine, for what it's worth.

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    I had and sold my Colt pocket nine for two pockets are not that big and the trigger has to be a 14 lb pull. I took it to a smith and he told me nothing he could do about the trigger.
    Now, the Rohrbaugh is another story...7lb trigger, very smooth and consistent. It, of course, is not a range gun, just like SW 340PDs are not, their to fire enough to verify reliablity and use for close quarters engagement Carry lots fire less. Although, Rohrbaugh recommends change the 5 buck recoil spring every 200 rds, I know a guy that intentionally put 900 rds through his just to see the fail point. At 900 no failure. I have about 300 rds through mine with same spring with no problems.
    I carry this one's the mouse that roars...

    Now, it you want to talk about a well build little gun, that has a hard 11lb trigger pull and a recoil that will make you it is....those are the only down side to this fellow...
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    Personally not shot one, but after picking one up the feel is good. I don't think I'd ever buy one however, I'd rather have 3 LCPs.
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    I handled one at the 2010 SHOT show at the Rohrbaugh booth. My impressions:

    Fit and finish were superb, it felt like a very, very precise piece of well fitted tool tool work. The grip, the presentation, the trigger - all felt right.

    With the funds I would buy one in a heartbeat and consider it money well spent.

    I don't have those funds, an LCP fills that niche for me right now, but someday I hope a Rohrbaugh will replace it.

    Not worth it to some folks? Sure, and that's understandable, but Mercedes are worth it to some (who have the wallet for it) when a Kia would do just as well.

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    The consensus? OK, I'll sum it up for you.

    If you own one, or have ever shot one, the overwhelming odds are that you like it and would recommend it.

    If you don't own one, or have never shot one, and are simply going by what you've heard on the errornet, the overwhelming odds are that you think it is overpriced, fragile, unreliable, etc.

    And yes, I do own one, like it, recommend it, and if something should happen to mine, would buy another in a heartbeat.

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    If I had the money I would own one.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    I love the looks of a Rohrbaugh and LWS Seecamp since it was mentioned. BUT I probable wouldn't own one. I like my p3at, wich pretty much sits now that I EDC my S&W 442.

    I believe my biggest complaint about the Rohrbaugh and LWS Seecamp is the mag release

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