SP101-which one???

SP101-which one???

This is a discussion on SP101-which one??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I know I want an SP101, what I can't seem to make a decision on is which model. 2" or 3"? Hammer or no hammer? ...

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Thread: SP101-which one???

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    SP101-which one???

    I know I want an SP101, what I can't seem to make a decision on is which model. 2" or 3"? Hammer or no hammer?

    I don't see myself pocket carrying this gun so I'm kind of leaning towards the 3", model 5719 (only comes w/hammer) on Ruger website, which I would carry either IWB or OWB in cooler weather. A local GS has the 3" model so I've fondled it a couple of times and it feels like the most solid pistol I've ever handled.

    Any SP101 owners, which do you have and why did you choose it? Thanks for helping me make up my mind.
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    I have both. Originally, I got the snubbier versions, for ankle and pocket carry, for back-up guns. More recently, as I near retirement from policin', I wanted a good belt holster gun, and saw the extra barrel length as a benefit, offering more sight radius, and a bit more weight on the end of the barrel. (I currently carry my personally-owned duty P229 pistols concealed on my own time, but after the badge goes on a plaque or into a shadowbox, the oath to intervene on behalf of others 24/7 will no longer be in effect.)

    I wish I could buy a 4" SP101 in .357 Magnum! I did buy one in .32 H&R, when they were still available new.

    Oh, and BTW, all SP101s have hammers. Not all of them have spurs on the hammers.

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    went with the DAO cause my "high capacity revolver" is also DAO. i like to keep it simple. but i'll probably buy one with a spur in the near future. either way you can't go wrong!
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    i got the 2"spurless for cc nothing to snag or catch anything.

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    This topic has been cover several times in the past few months, you may want to do a search for these posts. The SP101 in any form is a great revolver.
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    I opt for Double Action Only on my defensive revolvers, for various reasons.

    Mostly though due to the possible legal implications of having a revolver that can be cocked. Way back in the dark ages I did a research paper on the Alvarez / Johnson shooting. It was after that event that Miami went to Double Action Only revolvers. They were said to have been "Alvarized".

    I'm not saying that the ability to cock the Hammer and fire the gun in Single Action mode will be an issue, only that it could. I would rather not "muddy the water" and give any attorney the opportunity to use it against me if I can prevent that.

    FWIW: I have a 2 1/4" SP101 with the Hammer Spur ground off and the Single Action Cocking Notch removed.


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    I like the 2 inch DAO's.

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    SP101-which one???

    It's a heavy gun and it easily handles firing Golden Sabre 357s. The trigger pull is heavy and I found more fatigue from the trigger pull before feeling the bite of the shock of the load. I bought mine in 1993. I wanted something small enough for the glove compartment so I went with the snubby. I just got Hogue grips put on it for the finger grooves. It feels a lot better in my hand over the factory grips. After getting my CWP I am glad I got the 2" barrel, since it is comfortable to carry. In the CCW realm, a smaller gun gives more options for concealment such as IWB/OWB/Jacket Pocket carry, etc (hence my decision to carry a Glock 23 or Glock 27, alternatively). For concealed carry, I want the smallest possible option. On the other hand, with the right holster/belt, ANYTHING can be concealed easily and comfortably.

    Lastly,if I personally wanted a home defense gun, I would opt for the GP100 with a 4" barrel. It has a great trigger, heavier weight and firing 357s feels like +P to me. That is what my friend and brother in law bought.
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    I picked the 3 inch and haven't regreted it one bit. Great shooter.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    I just bought one...the 3" with a hammer. The gun is just fine for CC.
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    I want one, but with hammer (personal choice here), but I'm going to have to do something about the grip, unless I go with the laser grips, I'm not a fan of the original grips, 2.25 inch for me.
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    I got the 2.25" DAO model because that was the only one I could find at the time, I don't regret my purchase at all. The SP101 has become one of my favorite carry guns, I replaced the grips with Badger grips and love it. On the other hand I would like to have the 3" model also, but for now I love the one I have, it's built like a tank. I love the way it carries and it is a pretty good shooter. Which ever one you get you will not be disappointed, but if they have the 3" in stock I would snag it up. Good luck.

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    My brother has one in 9mm (shorter barrel) that was available in the 1980s I believe---I would buy one in this caliber if Ruger would make them again in 9mm.

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    Either length would make a fine cary gun. As to the hammer vs hammerless legal issue, the vast majority of revolvers out there, including most carried by various police departments, have hammers. It would have to be a very rare instance in my opinion where that would come into play.



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    I have the 2.25" with hammer spur in 357mag.
    I've not had any issues with hammer spur snagging plus I like the option on shooting single action when I'm out plinking.
    I put wood grips on mine but I'm cosidering going to Hogue grips because with wood grips, the 357's kinda hurt after 50 rounds.

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