Looking for input.

Looking for input.

This is a discussion on Looking for input. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Greetings all, I've been away from the forum for a while, I moved and am currently going to gunsmithing school. During my specialization period I'll ...

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Thread: Looking for input.

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    Looking for input.

    Greetings all,

    I've been away from the forum for a while, I moved and am currently going to gunsmithing school. During my specialization period I'll be building a custom 1911. I was going to ask for a few opinions on the available parts to choose from, according to their relative value and quality. Nothing in my pistol (or any future i make make) will be of low quality, so I'm just looking for the general opinion of one brand of parts maker over the others.

    When it comes to manufacturer's like Wilson combat, Les Bear, Ed Brown, etc. etc.: I'll likely only notice the difference part for part with a micrometer, down to a few thousandths of an inch. So it's not like there's going to be a huge difference between them: just looking for overall views on the brands.

    To start off with, here's the pistol as I have it.

    Essex blued commander size receiver
    Essex blued Commander size slide, novak rear, dovetail forward
    Blued Ed Brown bobtail main spring housing

    Then, I picked out all the parts i could from the brownells catalog and all exposed parts (screws, ambi safety, beaver tail grip safety, etc. etc.) are stainless finish.

    I don't like two tone pistols, but I do like a stainless receiver/slide with blued parts, or even better, blued receiver and slide with stainless parts. I love the contrast. Very striking.

    There's only a few parts I can't get from ed Brown, for which I supplemented with Wilson Combat. I could go into the detail of every single part, but that would be very long winded. If anyone really wants to see the full list I'll send it to them individually and if enough people ask I'll post the full list on here.

    Oh, btw: I'm a huge fan of the Commander size 1911, the officer is just too springie and jumpy in .45, I like the 4 1/4 barrel model. Great balance, fun to shoot, very controllable. The sights I intend to use for it are XS Tritium express Sights, big dot with tritium insert. Not horrible for target work, other than the inability to adjust for windage and elevation, but excellent target acquisition.

    Now, question is: should I really be so stingie about mixed parts from other manufacturer's?

    It would actually be -easier- to build by taking advantage of parts kits that various manufacturer's put on the market. Going over a loooong part list and checking them off individually from three different magazines at once to get a complete pistol together piece by piece; will give you a headache like you never knew.

    So when it comes to brands like Ed Brown, Wilson Combat, Les Bear, should I be discerning and actively attempt to have as many parts from just one company at a time?

    Will mix-matching (few parts from Ed brown, Few from wilson, bunch from STI, etc. etc.) lower the value of the firearm when I go to sell it?
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    Welcome to the DC Forum from Delaware! I do good to just field strip and clean my weapons.
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    Slow down...

    *hands up* Whoa, it's not built yet. I have everything picked out and will be building it later in the school year. Near the end is when we have specializations, where we build what we want inside the school on school time.

    So this is an upcoming project. Also, since I moved the thread to the general firearms discussion thread, there's no harm in listing the parts. it'll even help with the build to have people chime in in case I picked a lemon without knowing it. I'll keep the thread link saved so that later this year when I *do* get it all assembled, hopefully with no parts becoming air soluble on me (*cross fingers*): i can post pics of the final product.

    Essex Arms Blue Commander receiver
    Essex Arms Blue Enhanced Slide Commander Novak rear sight, Dovetail front
    Ed Brown drop in match barrel and bushing
    Ed Brown Stainless steel hardcore Slide Stop
    Ed Brown .45 Extended Ejector
    Ed Brown Stainless steel series 80 Memory Groove Beavertail grip safety
    Ed Brown two piece Guide Rod commander 4 1/4
    Ed Brown Stainless Steel barstock hardcore hammer
    Ed Brown match Sear
    Ed Brown Perfection Disconnector
    Ed Brown Hammer Strut
    Ed Brown tool steel in the white Hardcore Firing pin
    Ed Brown Stainless Steel Hardcore Firing pin Stop
    Ed Brown Blue Bobtail Main Spring housing (checkered, 25 lpi)
    Wilson Combat Blue EZ-loader
    Ed Brown Stainless Steel Magazine catch
    McCORMICK Power plus magazine(s) 10 rnd (are these reliable?)
    Ed Brown National Match Trigger
    Ed Brown Hardcore Sear Spring
    Ed Brown Firing pin Spring
    XS Sights Systems Tritium express Sight set Bigdot
    Ed Brown series 80 Hardcore Extractor
    Ed Brown Stainless steel Wide Extended Ambidextrous Safety
    Wilson Combat factory plus Stainless steel grip screws
    Wilson Combat factory Plus Plunger Spring Assembly
    Wilson Combat factory plus Blued plunger tube

    Ed Brown Frame Rebuild Kit 1911 Government, Commander Stainless Steel
    Wilson Combat Pin set

    Let me know if anything's out of place or you'd recommend a different company's product over one of the above. And yes, I know both of the two pin sets will land me double of a few pieces because they over lap: The Wilson set has a few pieces that the ed brown set does not.

    As you can see, the gun will be 90% ed Brown, mainly because it's a Bobtail and the original idea was to made my own replica of the executive carry. Different color scheme as well.

    By the time I'm done custom fitting everything, working out the kinks, polishing all rough spots and making it a finely tuned piece of hardware it'll probably be a $3,000 gun. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Barrel Link size is crucial for positive battery lock-up. What are you doing about that..?

    Also, have you considered going with a Bar-Sto barrel. They come with matching link and bushing.
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