S&W Pro Series Compact 1911

S&W Pro Series Compact 1911

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Thread: S&W Pro Series Compact 1911

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    S&W Pro Series Compact 1911

    I picked up a new one of these guns last week off of GB for just at $850. It came this week and I just went to the range. No pictures yet . . . but, when I clean the gun this evening, I'll be sure to take some pictures and post them.

    Wow, what a nice piece. They have finished it off nicely. This gun will not be mistaken for one of those fancy bar-b-que guns, however! It is all business as a carry piece. The grip is the same size as my Colt Officers ACP and it holds a standard 7-round Wilson Combat magazine. The texture on the grips is quite rough. Not enough to hurt your hands, but certainly enough to give additional purchase on the grip. The front grip strippling and the rear frame texture screams to your hands: "We're not going anywhere!" You know something? I like that! Especially when firing .45 acp out of a 3" barrel! lol!

    I fired 100 rounds of Federal Champion 230gr fmj without a hiccup -- using the two ACT-Mags that came with the gun and 5 additional Wilson Combat mags I use with my Colt. I finished off with 50 rounds of Fiocchi 200gr jhp. Slow fire, double-tap, fast fire. This gun didn't miss a beat.

    The first couple of mags I missed low (at 21'). I had not done any dry firing prior to using this gun and had to get used to the trigger pull. Once I got the hang of the trigger, I focused on hitting my small target area. I found my hits coming slightly low. Just to make sure, I did a mag of shots bench rested, and the shots were slightly lower from POA. Once I adjusted that in my head, I was hitting the target spot on. The Fiocchi was more to POA than the Federal. Certainly I'll spend some time next time testing various ammunition and accuracy. That said, I still left the target with two fist-size holes (center body and head). If I took my time and concentrated, I was easily getting 2-3" groupings at 30'. For a defensive handgun (which this definitely is), that's not too shabby in my book. Moving the target out to 50' made me look more like a novice. I put 3x5" post-it notes on the target sheet, and I was only getting 1 or 2 out of 5 rounds placed on the post-it notes. I'll need to work on that some more!

    I then pulled out my Sig P226 9mm (out of their custom shop), and rattled off some mags. Quite a different experience! The Sig blew the windows off the S&W. But, what else would you expect? Even if I had a plain-Jane P226, the additional 1.4" barrel length makes a huge difference. But, that said, I don't find myself carrying this particular Sig that often. The S&W Pro Series compact could easily find itself on my belt the majority of the time.

    Maybe my next range trip I'll compare my new S&W to my Colt Officers and Springfield EMP (9mm). I suspect the Colt may be more accurate than the S&W, but this may not be the case.

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