SP101 question!?!

SP101 question!?!

This is a discussion on SP101 question!?! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Is there a way to lessen the trigger pull on the SP101 and is it better to get the wood inserts on the factory grip ...

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Thread: SP101 question!?!

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    SP101 question!?!

    Is there a way to lessen the trigger pull on the SP101 and is it better to get the wood inserts on the factory grip or buy a wood grip from houge and one more thing which night sight is best for the SP101 i was thinking XS but i didnt see SP101 in the menu!?!?!?
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    You can change the trigger pull if you swap out the springs. Wolf makes some, I forget who else.

    A lot of people like the XS Big Dot. A fiber optic sight may suit you as well. It's really personal taste.
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    Practice with it, and get yourself some hand spring grips for exercise...it helps a lot. I wouldn't change a thing, just prepare yourself for using it.
    I'm putting a Trijicon front sight on my SP101 this week.
    Grips? Whatever feels comfortable in your hand.
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    I changed my grips on my SP101 to the Houge Monogrip and I love that grip. No wood panels on mine, but didn't want wood on this pistol.
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    I changed the spring in my wife's SP-101 from the OEM 14lb to a 12lb. She is much more satisfied. The change is a piece of cake and takes about 5 minutes.
    There is a couple of youtube videos on how to do it.
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    Numrich gun parts occasionally stocks the wood grip inserts. I paid $15 for mine and they were very fancy grained and nice, but they aren't always in stock. A trigger job was easy. They can be pretty rough and sharp inside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kane4111 View Post
    i was thinking XS but i didnt see SP101 in the menu!?!?!?
    I read elsewhere that Jframe XS big dots are supposed to work in the SP101. I wrote them about a week ago requesting info and have yet to hear from them. Guess it is time to give them a call?

    If you find anything out it would be nice of you to share it with us.

    You will enjoy your SP101. It quickly became my around the house/area sidearm. The Hogue grip fits my hand well and does a good job softening the mags.

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    Here is my SP101 with a XS Standard Dot on the front, and fitted with Badger Grips.

    You have to call XS directly and they will hook you up. Like someone else said, it is the sight for a J-Frame. There is a way to lighten the trigger. Wolff makes a few Hammer Springs. I went with a 9 lb. one. It is pretty easy to swap out. There are a few vids on Youtube, which show you how to do it...pretty sure the guy that has posted the vid for takedown is "Ruger6"...?

    I originally went with a Trijicon front sight, and it just has the vial, no white outline. I quickly swapped it out with the XS version. It appears at though Mepro also makes one that does have the white outline as well, and that is probably what I will go with on my next SP101...I am in the process of getting the 3" version.

    I have done the stock grip, the Hogue, but keep going back to the Badger Boot Grips. They conceal best for me, and I like the way they fill my hand.

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    I put the 10lb Wolffe springs in mine, love them. I put a Meprolight front sight on mine love it. I think that all the night sights are good, I just choose Meprolight because of where it is made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kane4111 View Post
    Is there a way to lessen the trigger pull on the SP101 and is it better to get the wood inserts on the factory grip or buy a wood grip from houge and one more thing which night sight is best for the SP101 i was thinking XS but i didnt see SP101 in the menu!?!?!?
    I replaced the factory springs with Wolff springs and its does make a difference, lighter and smoother. I replaced my front sight with a Meprolight Tritium sight. I ordered them from Brownells, make sure you order another roll pin too since its easy to bugger up the one you drive out. The wood grips inserts are really just for looks as they don't change the grips profile.

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    Over the years I've owned two SP 101's with 2 1/4" barrels in .357 magnum. It's been my primary CCW on most occasions. I replaced the factory grip with a Hogue but it didn't fit my hand very well so went back to the factory grips. I also replaced the grip insert with an Ajax white plastic insert that had a Texas star on it. Am planning to replace the front sight with something better seen in low light conditions. I did disassemble my current pistol and polished all points of contact. Kept in the factory hammer spring and am used to it's somewhat heavy pull. Am using Hornady Critical Defense .357 magnum 125gr FTX ammo and carrying it in a Galco OWB holster I bought at Rugers web site. This is a great wheelgun for CC.

    Sorry about the picture clarity. Used my web cam to get this image, which is poor at best.

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    I leave my SP101 springs alone, and actually prefer the factory grip over all others I have tried, which include Hogue and Pachmayr. Two of mine have Trijicon front night sights.

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    I had Marc at Gemini do his magic with the base package....also added his fiber optic...not a night sight but makes shooting it in regular light a whole lot more fun...

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    I cleaned up all of the interior contact points in mine including the bore for the trigger return spring. This made a huge difference in the feel of the firearm. It felt like an old hand fitted Smith& Wesson with stiffer springs. Then I changed the springs for lighter Wolf springs. It is now a smooth revolver.

    If you are comfortable taking it apart I would suggest cleaning things up. Made all the difference in my SP101. Did the same to my older GP100 and the improvement was about 25%. The internals of the older GP were in a lot better shape.

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