Carry Guns?

Carry Guns?

This is a discussion on Carry Guns? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a Glock 29 10MM on layaway(need to make about 2-5 payments) and am considering a Glock 20 10MM. I also own a EAA ...

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Thread: Carry Guns?

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    Carry Guns?

    I have a Glock 29 10MM on layaway(need to make about 2-5 payments) and am considering a Glock 20 10MM.

    I also own a EAA Windicator .38 Special/.357 Magnum 6 shot Snubbie( 2" barrel).

    Are these good carry guns?

    How would you conceal these?

    I'm considering a "Man-Purse" for the Glock 29 or 20 and a shoulder holster for the Windicator.
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    You could conceal the G29 in an IWB holster. I like the hybrid (half kydex/half leather) like those from Cross Breed, Kholster, Tucker and CompTac. I have the CrossBreed SuperTuck Deluxe for my G19 and love the way it conceals and the unbelievable comfort it affords.

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    Either could be concealed in an IWB holster.
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    The only issue I see with the 10mm GLOCKs is ammo availability and price, the revolver should be good to go. Various methods of concealment available.
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    I carry a G30 (same size as 29) in a CrossBreed ST. It concels very well under a normal size t-shirt.
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    I'd opt for an IWB holster for any of them. Shoulder holsters are alright for cooler weather, when a cover garment will be worn, but not very practical in hot weather.

    As for the "Man-Purse", I prefer to have my weapon on my person.
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    The Glock 20/29 are great! I have a 20 and a friend has a 29 and we are both planning on buying the other! you gotta have both! I love my 20 but every now and then it is just to big to carry cuz of clothing. Ammo is very easy to get but does tend to be a little pricey.
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    With a good holster and belt, loose fitting clothes...anything can be concealed.
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    Im kinda sketchy on the Windicator, might want to EDC the glock and nightstand the EAA. I just have bad luck with 300 dollar snubbies...
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    The 29 would be a great weapon for CCW.

    Just make sure you have a reliable place to buy ammo, as most local stores are always out of stock or don't carry it. I suggest DoubleTap for 10mm ammo. They have some excellent loads and you can order in bulk.
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    I say IWB the G29. Holster wear may vary so you get the joy like all of us finding one that will fit you the best(and having a drawer full of ones that don't). Night stand the G20. She's a biggun and I don't care how baggy I get my clothes, I wouldn't want her hanging on my hip all day! And pretty up your Windicator. Everyone likes looking at a nicely made-up revo :-)
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    The G29 is the exact same size as the G30, and it is concealed all the time buy lots of shooters. That 10mm is a powerhouse.
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