Tempted by a Glock 33.....

Tempted by a Glock 33.....

This is a discussion on Tempted by a Glock 33..... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well as the title says,..... I was at a show over the weekend and a small new local shop that recently opened up had a ...

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Thread: Tempted by a Glock 33.....

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    Tempted by a Glock 33.....

    Well as the title says,..... I was at a show over the weekend and a small new local shop that recently opened up had a booth with a used Glock 33, (sub-compact in 357sig).

    I've never been a fan of the Tupperware, only because I got very frustrated with their trigger when I shot my buddy's .40cal years ago. However, I have been wanting something more compact than my P229 and in 357sig, (man, I love this caliber!).

    The weapon was a local Constable's, who I did get to speak with. Less than 5 boxes through the gun and he was selling it to upgrade to the full size for on duty. Looked great except for a very small hint of holster wear on the slide release. Asking $399.

    Seemed rather good to me. Can anyone else confirm and maybe any feedback from those that have shot this little beast?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Pick it up, great weapon at a good price!

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    Yeah, do it. If you don't like it (the caliber) you can get an aftermarket barrel and convert it to .40 SW, or with a bit more work, and swapping of parts, including barrel and some others, convert it to 9mm.

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    I picked up the same for 470 last year. It's a great gun, tons of fun to shoot. Great carry weapon, too.
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    i would get it. then you can get a 40 s&w barrel turn it into a 40 cal.(40 and 357 sig uses the same mags). pickup a 9mm conversion barrel and 9mm mags you got a 9mm. don't have to change anything but barrel and mags.
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    I've got a 33 and a 27; I prefer the 33.
    The .357 Sig has more KE and blast than the 40, but less recoil (as measured by bullet weight x velocity).
    The bottleneck design supposedly has the best inherient feed reliability, .355 bullet attempting to get into .40 chamber.

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    It's on my list. I say go for it!

    The .357sig is no joke. It has amazing ballistics, check out this thread from the other day: http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...5-357-sig.html
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    DO IT!!! The .357 Sig round is nails. I bought my G31 back in 1999 and love it. It is, by far, the most accurate pistol I own.

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    I'd get it simply because it's a good deal on a Glock!

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    i saw some ballistic test that showed the 357sig was no more effective than +P+ 9mm. it is, however, much louder, and more costly to shoot.

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    $399 is the going rate for LEO price. Good price for a non-LEO buyer, considering its slightly used condition.
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    if youre considering converting it as suggested by some you will end up paying as much or more than you would for what youre converting to...if its what you want to carry and /or shoot then its a great deal...ammmo can be a bit on the expensive side and difficult to find but thats an issue you have to weigh...

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    I carry a 27 off-duty. It carries very well. I've been wanting to get a .357 barrel. It sounds like a good deal. As for the trigger, you will adjust. The Glock trigger takes some getting used to, but once you do, she is easy to fire rapidly with accuracy. You could try different configurations if the stock trigger isn't for you. There are NY1 triggers, 8# connectors, 3.5# connectors and combos of NY1 and 3.5# connectors. Forget the NY2 trigger, very few people want them. All of these set-ups will give a different feel to the shooter. I've tried them all only to leave the stock 5.5 # set up in most of my Glocks. The only one that has the 8#connector is my 23 because it is my duty weapon that cannot be modified.

    Good luck.
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    Go with the Glock 33, it's 357 Sig, giving you a 9 rounds factory or 10 rounds with the Pierce extension. I recommend the Pierce extension on all sub-compact Glocks adding grip area for little finger.

    The 357 sig in almost all 124-125 grain ammo will give you the same performance as 125 grain .357 Magnum ammo and in a 9-10 shot pistol! Amazing isn't it?

    This .357 magnum performance is available in ammo like the Speer Gold Dot JHP, Double Tap, Hornady XTP, Winchester Ranger Talon, Remington Golden Saber or the Federal HST LE (My personal carry ammo). If you are a "heavy bullet man" there are excellent 147 grain loads available from all the previously mentioned manufacturers.

    Hand load for practice ammo, 357 sig brass is available on Gun Broker and you can use any of the inexpensive 9mm bullets (.355, the bullet diameter for 357 ammo). Get an inexpensive Lone Wolf 357 sig barrel and you can use cast bullets to cut practice cost further. I don't carry hand loads for legal and reliability reasons (search the forum on that).

    My $0.02 on a carry Glock from your 'Old Uncle Duke
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    FWIW - I just called Glock to see if I could drop a .357sig barrel into my Gen 2 G22. They noted that you need a Gen 3 frame to handle the stress of the .357sig round. They also said it will tear up your Gen 2 frame.
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