GLOCK 21 or GLOCK36 ?????????

GLOCK 21 or GLOCK36 ?????????

This is a discussion on GLOCK 21 or GLOCK36 ????????? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would like to get opinions of which .45 Glock is better out of these 2 and only these 2 lol . I'm not worried ...

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Thread: GLOCK 21 or GLOCK36 ?????????

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    GLOCK 21 or GLOCK36 ?????????

    I would like to get opinions of which .45 Glock is better out of these 2 and only these 2 lol . I'm not worried about the carry concealed factor because I can carry a fullsize gun just as good as a compact gun .

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    i like the g36. it is smaller and easy to carry. go to the store and put your hands on both. that is the best way to do it.
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    They both provide quality and dependability...if concealment is not a concern, then go for more rounds.
    My G-36 gives me 6 + 1...I'm happy.
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    If concealability isn't a factor then go for the 21.

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    Like others have said, if you feel you can conceal a full size glock without a problem then go that route. At least you could carry more rounds that way. That being said, I absolutely love my G36. It is my primary ccw gun and hides easily on me which is hard because I am tall and super thin. You will hear about problems with the 36, but it was a small number of early production guns. Buy a new one and you wont have a problem. I have about 2k thu mine and it shoots everything. Today I put about 200 rounds of mixed WWB, Blazer and Wolf ammo downrange and not a single problem. Either one will serve you well.

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    Hmm. Six rounds or thirteen? How about neither?

    If concealability is really not a factor, then I'd go for the G22 for 15 rounds of .40 or the 23 for a lighter carry.

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    I personally don't like the way the 36 feels, I was looking at it for a while but the skinny grip just didn't feel right for me. So I decided on the 27 (decided to stick with the .40), I agree with the rest of the responses though; if you like them both and have no problems concealing a bigger gun then go for the 21 and have a higher capacity.

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    If concealing isn't an issue, go with the 21. Mine is a wonderful gun that I never feel under-anything with!
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    I own and shoot both regularly. I also like to carry a large frame gun over a sub-compact. In my hands the G21 is the better shooter, better groups and faster follow up shots. The G36 is still perfectly acceptable in all categories, I just give the edge to the G21.

    That being said, I do not often carry the G21. It is thick and it is heavy. All day carry can be done, certainly, but it gets old quick. I use the G21 primarily when I go to the woods and don't want to bang up my Colt. The G36 is my "deep concealment" piece. It is what I use when even a 1911 might be noticeable.

    If you are comfortable with carrying a large service pistol all day long, go for the G21. Most people, myself included, find the G36 to be the better carry gun.

    Good luck!
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    Go with the 21since concealment isn't an issue.

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    If concealment isn't an issue then why are you even looking at the G36?
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    Why aren't you considering the G30? I absolutely love mine!
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    Yes, why not consider the G30? Smaller than a 21, more rounds than a 36, and can use the 21 mags for more HD firepower.

    But if size isn't an issue why consider the 36 at all? Have you held both to see if they fit your hand?
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