Kahr CW9 - Range Report

Kahr CW9 - Range Report

This is a discussion on Kahr CW9 - Range Report within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So a bunch of you REALLY helped me get down to a great decision to buy my new Kahr CW9. God I am so happy ...

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Thread: Kahr CW9 - Range Report

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    Kahr CW9 - Range Report

    So a bunch of you REALLY helped me get down to a great decision to buy my new Kahr CW9. God I am so happy with it and no I don't like Glock at all.

    Got to the range today with a buddy to get my gun through its 200 round break-in as well as test the Hornady XTP carry ammo.

    What a GREAT small handgun. Man, I was expecting to be sore and all but the only pain is in my right thumb from loading all those rounds (gotta get one of those loading devices). There is much more kick than any of my past guns but all of those were full-size and full-heavy pistols like the CZ 75B, 1911, etc.

    Granted, I am no where near a great shot but I was getting all my aimed groups within the 5-inch target. Rapid fire was also just fine and well within center of mass.

    Through about 260 FMJ (Rem UMC and Federal) as well as 25 of the Hornady XTP I had ZERO problems. The only problem that arose was when my buddy tried it out and couldn't get the slide to close after putting a mag in and pressing the slide release...I think this was more a problem with user rather than gun. He most likely didn't seat the mag all the way in.

    I am very very very happy with this new gun and it will be a great CCW gun. The only problem for me is my big hands as sometimes my trigger finger is hitting my opposite thumb, so I need to change the way I grip but it doesn't affect my accuracy.

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    your experience sounds just like mine about this time last year. I've never regretted my decision to add the CW9 to the carry rotation. Since I have rather short, stubby fingers, I don't have the same problem you described, but I have found that I have much better trigger control placing only the center of the "pad" of my trigger finger on the trigger. This seems to allow me a much better controlled press on the long, but very smooth, trigger.


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    Good job......I am not a bit surprised by the fact you love the Kahr and it ran perfectly. Both mine a CW40 and PM9 have been flawless performers. Kahrs are fine handguns.
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    I have both the CW9 and CW45...Both are fantastic! when my GF and I were looking for a firearm for her, she kept looking at the CW9...thats why I now have the 45...and she has the 9! Great choice!
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    Well, it sounds like you found the right gun for you . Congrats!
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    Agreed, that's a terrific carry pistol. Mine is super-reliable and quite easy to manage.

    I also have a Smith & Wesson CS9 9mm with after market thinner grips that makes it feel very much like the Kahr in the hand.
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