Gonna buy my EDC this weekend, but...

Gonna buy my EDC this weekend, but...

This is a discussion on Gonna buy my EDC this weekend, but... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I thought I was 100% sure in the gun I decided on. Now, I am up in the air AGAIN! I am down to 3 ...

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Thread: Gonna buy my EDC this weekend, but...

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    Question Gonna buy my EDC this weekend, but...

    I thought I was 100% sure in the gun I decided on. Now, I am up in the air AGAIN!

    I am down to 3 choices in the order of preference:
    1. Walther PPS 9mm $559
    2. Beretta PX4 Storm SC $479
    3. Springfield xD 9 SC $479/$449 if I go OD color

    I SO want the Walther, but it only has a 1 year warranty. Same with the Beretta.
    The xD is the only one with a lifetime warranty.

    Should I really be concerned about a lifetime warranty?
    Walther seems to have a good reputation (it's no Taurus).

    Any advice on maybe something I should consider with these 3 would be greatly appreciated.
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    For me, it's a toss-up on the XD or the Storm.
    A personal decision based on my own knowledge and experience (and lack of regarding the Walther)

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    I carry a PPS (9mm) every waking minute of every day. I love mine.

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    My vote goes to the PPS. Where did you find a PPS for $559?!
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    Did you shoot these guns (more than a few rounds).
    Don't buy a gun without shooting it !!!
    Then go for the one you really like; price is secondary. I have carried my G-26 for 14 years; a $200 difference on the price comes to $14/year in that case.
    But you'll be enjoying your choice everyday !!!
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    I have been contemplating my next 9mm EDC for some time. After looking and holding the usual suspects I finally narrowed the field down to the Glock26, Springfield XD9, CZ Rami, and the Kahr 9mm.

    I liked all of these but the Kahr stood out due to the overall slimness and the fact it felt so good in my hand and seemed to point very naturally. The CW9 had all beat on the price.

    I love the Kahr, no dressing around the gun. Slipped on @3o'clock and with an untucked polo it disappears. I have had troubles w/ my full-size 1911 with the butt printing. But not w/ the Kahr. It is wonderfully light even loaded up w/ 148 grain rounds. I forget I have it on. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GM View Post
    My vote goes to the PPS.:
    +1. If it's a carry pistol, the weight and size of the PPS wins the day IMO. The easier the carry the better odds of carry. YMMV

    Good luck, but either or congrats on the addition.


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    I carry a PPS too and love it! Slim, easy to conceal, and totally reliable. The only downside is capacity, but I make up for that by practicing A LOT! Make every shot count.

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    Get the one you want. You'll be disappointed with anything less.

    go for it, don't worry about the warranty.
    Trust in God and keep your powder dry

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    For EDC and concealment, the PPS wins. Walther has fine pedigree and I am personally very pleased with the fit and finish of my PPS and its performance to date. You will be pleased too.

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    Oh, do consider adding the Glock-26 to your list.
    Last edited by RETSUPT99; July 3rd, 2010 at 09:41 PM.
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    I went for the SA XD40 SC, the 9 is just smaller. You only need the lifetime warranty if your going to keep the gun for your lifetime!
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    PPS----- It's A WALTHER!

    And it's THIN. What more could you want?

    I have a PPS 9mm, and it's very easy to CCW.

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    Of those 3, I would go with the Walther PPS. It's a sweet gun.

    Otherwise, check out the Glock 26.
    "People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both." — Benjamin Franklin

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    glock or m&p.

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