Kahr CW9?

This is a discussion on Kahr CW9? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I carry around a .40 caliber compact glock, model G23. Decided its time to buy myself a new toy. not becasue I'm unhappy with ...

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Thread: Kahr CW9?

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    Question Kahr CW9?

    So I carry around a .40 caliber compact glock, model G23. Decided its time to buy myself a new toy. not becasue I'm unhappy with the glock, but just feel like a new toy. I was looking at the Kahr CW9, but its just so affordable for a Kahr. Just wondered if anyone had any experience with it. Likes, dislikes etc. Thanks


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    there are a couple of guys with cw9s on the board they seem to love them and will chime in i am shure , i love both my p9 and my pm9
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    I am biased.. I love my little CPX-1!

    I have pics.. If you are considering a Kahr.. you might like one of these

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    I just bought a used PM40, but don't have the CW9. Though it was sent back to Kahr because the slide kept locking back with rounds in the chamber I still love it. I just hope when I get it back it will be 100%.

    I was concerned that the 40 would be very unpleasant to shoot, but I find the recoil to be no more than my GLOCK 26 which is 9mm. Also I love the trigger on the Kahrs, one of the best DAO triggers I've used next to SIGs DAK trigger.

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    I have and carry a Kahr CW9. Love the weapon. I carry it with Corbon 115 gr +P. It chronys at 1267 feet (ave.) with the 3.5 inch barrel. That equates to ABOUT 409 feet of energy. Not bad from a small package. The weapon is extremely accurate and has eaten all the different ammo that I have fed it. I use "Wally-Mart" Winchester Target ammo ($11.80 a box of 100) for practice most of the time. Using a trigger gauge the trigger pull measures 5.5 pounds. The trigger is a hair longer than I like, but with no safety it is OK. Slide lock works great.

    I use the DeSantis pocket holster Nemesis http://www.desantisholster.com/n38.html most of the time.
    At other times, when I cannot pocket carry, I use the DeSantis IWB holster Pro Stealth http://www.desantisholster.com/n87.html .

    Strongly recommend the CW9. The price is good. I paid $415.00 "drive away" price (including taxes and fees) for mine. Also, had the dealer order me two spare mags at HIS cost as part of the deal.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Ray
    I am biased.. I love my little CPX-1!

    I have pics.. If you are considering a Kahr.. you might like one of these

    So, they are out on the street now?? How are your two going? I want one desperately, but I'm apprehensive with the breaking in periods inherent in KTs.
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    Well.. there are a few problems with the pistol..

    Now.. I come from the background of carrying the XD.. that pistol, you can pretty much duct tape a bunch of nails to a fire-cracker.. the XD will shoot it!!

    The CPX-1 is kind of ammo sensitive. The pistols DO NOT LIKE UMC!! At least mine don't... They do seem to dislike WWB ammo.. at least if you buy the bulk ammo.. It does just fine with the WWB if you buy the box of 50 rounds. I think there is a quality control issue there.

    The CPX loves American Eagle 115 gr. ball ammo!! I have never had a failure with that stuff! It also likes Federal Hdra-shok.. and Speer gold dot.

    I have chatted with people who own other compact pistols.. Kahr.. Kel-tec, and Rhorbaugh.. Ammo sensitivity seems to be a fairly common problem with these little pistols. Once you find out what it likes to eat.. the problems seem to disappear.

    Also.. it is not a very good range gun. It is a very accurate little pistol.. but it's kind of hard on your hands. The flesh between your thumb and forefinger will suffer.. also.. one of it's selling points is the manual safety.. unfortunately if you are not very careful your thumb can accidentally ride up and engage the safety when you don't want it to be engaged.

    I really like the pistol.. but It does have some drawbacks.

    The thing is so small.. carrying it is a breeze.. There is no such thing as a "perfect pistol" I suppose.. I would suggest getting one.. and worst case scenario is that you will love it..


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    I carry my CW9 as as back up and I am very happy with it.It has eaten everything I feed it and it groups well also.It's not my 1911 but it weighs only a pound.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    I have the Kahr CW9 and it has been flawess out of the box I LOVE it

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    I prefer a little longer sight radius/barrel so I chose the Kahr TP9.

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    I have nothing negative to say about my CW9. It fits very comfortably in my hand, fires well and the price was very reasonable ($400)
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    i have one and love it....as a matter of fact the wife stole it!....course i got an xd i now carry....lol

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    I have a cw9 that gave me a few problems... I bought it brand new, took it to the range and after firing the 2nd shot, the side panel blew off of the frame! It appears that it never had the pin needed to keep the panel attached. My cw9 also had trouble chambering the 1st round. I sent it back to Kahr and it took exactly 6 weeks to have it repaired and returned.
    The good news is that it now functions perfectly and takes everything I feed it!! Now that it is fully broken in, I carry it everyday!!!
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    I own and carry the CW9 on a daily basis...

    Speer Gold +P for carry - Never any issues - shoots very tight groups inside of 15 yards...

    Mine was $376.00 out the door a couple of years ago when they first came out...

    Love it - never looked back... Looking to do it again very soon in the .40S&W...
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    Making ammo.
    If they come out with a CW40 I might get one. A CW 10mm would be better.
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