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Thread: Advice Sought

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    If youre dead set onthe GLOCK, try flipping the #'s (32) and you'll be set....
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    I carry a Kahr P9...was attracted to the slim design and light weight. I had a G23...nice gun but to "blocky" for me to carry. All depends on the person on what you are comfortable "lugging around".

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    I have a Glock 23c, I put a 32c barrell in it. But I carry one or more of my 1911's most of the time. They are flat and thin profile and easy to conceal. I was in a gun shop and shoot the bull when a cuy makes a statement about how a 1911 was too big and too hard to conceal. So, all I could say was "You mean like these", he was surprised that no one sees them. Another nice choice is a CZ75 series. Here's my RIA's.

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    Tradeoffs and Personal Preference

    Finding the carry gun that is just right for you involves tradeoffs and compromises of one factor vs. another, and comes down to personal preference and values. I am about the same size as you are, and have gone through several cycles with different guns, including the Glock 23.

    I tend to prefer the .40 or .45 calibers for defense, and still have my Glock 23, but don't carry it any more. Originally I liked its light weight, reliability, smooth contours and having the same trigger pull on all shots. The gun was adequately accurate for me, but not quite as accurate as some other guns that I own. The thing that finally discouraged me about the G23 was ergonomics - I found the grip shape and trigger uncomfortable in my hand. The grip seemed too blocky and rectangular, and the trigger became a little painful after 50 rounds or so.

    So I tried the Sig P229 in .40, and much preferred the grip and trigger feel. I could shoot it better than the Glock, and it was just as reliable as the Glock. The Sig did have the disadvantage of being rather heavy for easy carry, weighing about 8 ounces more than the G23. And it took some practice to get used to the double action/single action transition.

    The last .40 I bought was the H&K USP 40 compact, and that seemed better than both the G23 and the Sig. It was as lightweight as the Glock and as comfortable in my hand as the Sig, equally reliable, and I could shoot it quite accurately. I decided that if I wanted a double stack compact .40 for carry, the USP was the best.

    But the one that I finally settled on as my favorite, after going through the above, was a Kimber CDP Pro, the aluminum framed compact 1911 with 4 inch barrel. I had always liked 1911s in .45, and shot full size versions at the range for many years. But the full size 1911s are pretty big and heavy for carry. I got the Kimber and tried it out, and it seemed to combine the best of the others for me. The ergonomics were about perfect, the trigger was the best of the lot, and had the same pull on every shot, and the gun was extremely thin for easy concealment. I put the thinline grip panels on it and replaced the ambi safety with a single sided safety, and it carries very close to the body with a minimal "bump". So that is what I've settled on, at least for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday
    How experienced are you with firearms? If you are a novice, I wouldn't suggest the Glock. Your mind and your trigger finger are your safety and Glocks can be unforgiving. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying experienced shooters and other types of pistols are not prone to negligent discharge. Just my .02 and something to think about.
    I agree. Especially the pull trigger /take down. seems like a disaster in the making. glock makes a reliable gun, but it isn't right for everyone.
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    your lucky to have big hands that makes your choice of guns wide open and keeps the girls happy

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