Took my new(?) 4566 to the range yesterday with a mix batch of factory and reloaded ammo, as well as my G30. Used new Rem. 230 FMJ, WIN 230 PDX1s. Reloads: Nosler 185 JHPs, 230 LRNs

Feeding: A score of 10! Ran a box of the Rem 230s thru, nary a hiccup. Ran a half dozen PDX1s, no problem (noticeably more recoil!). A box of the Nosler 185s reloads worked like butter. My mid-load 230 LRNs worked fine as well.

The only problem: couldn't hit crap with any consistancy. You'll never read a post of mine bragging about 2" groups at any range, but this was pretty sad. In fact, put two mags thru at the top target, most hit the top of power target. But next session was so scattered I couldn't see any pattern. Looks like S&W and I will have to spend more hours on the line. But it was too hot to stick around yesterday.

The DA trigger pull is a bit long and firm but broke cleanly. Seems perfectly safe to carry chambered. The SA trigger is almost scary light compared to my G30. The factory "night sights" have long since given up the ghost, but I'n not a night sight fan to begin with, so I see a touch of DayGlo-orange in its future.

Just to see if I was having a bad day (shoulder is messed up) I fired two mags of the 185 Nosler reload thru the G30 with my Storm Lake barrel installed. As expected, 2 FTFs. I'd had this problem before so I wasn't surprised. But the group was pretty normal compared to past outings. The G30 feeds my 230 LRNs fine so I normally don't use anything else in it at the range.

SO now, it's back to my reloading bench to load the extra brass the guy next to me generously donated to my cause. I tried out my new bottle of Gunzilla and will post a report on that in the cleaning threads.