Rented a Kimber ultra with CT laser, Sig p220R and Glock 30...

This is a discussion on Rented a Kimber ultra with CT laser, Sig p220R and Glock 30... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by ctsketch true, but that would really only matter for the first shot. DA/SA provides for very nice followup shots :). the P220's ...

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Thread: Rented a Kimber ultra with CT laser, Sig p220R and Glock 30...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctsketch View Post
    true, but that would really only matter for the first shot. DA/SA provides for very nice followup shots :). the P220's trigger was very light in single action as well.
    In that case a DA 1911 is totally unnecessary; just get a SIG.
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    the 30sf brings your hand just a little closer to the trigger and makes for a more relaxed and independant trigger finger...the difference is noticeable and welcome...the 21 mags dont need a sleeve to work well with the 30....they give you a great place for your pinky without the bulky sleeve taking up extra room wherever you store the mags....the sleeves are for looks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctsketch View Post
    true, but that would really only matter for the first shot. DA/SA provides for very nice followup shots :). the P220's trigger was very light in single action as well.
    Not necessarily true. A light trigger in single action mode (whether DA/SA or SA only) is only one fraction of what makes a good trigger. Reset, swing or straight-to-rear, connection point, take-up, return strength, etc., are all parts of the "sweet trigger pie".

    I have 5 1911's right now and 3 Sigs. I love my Sigs for what they are and the same goes for my 1911's. When you first pick up these guns and both are cocked for a SA pull, you may not find much difference, especially with only a few rounds and if you're letting it all the way out or at least well past the reset point. You'll hear the 1911 referred to as a "professionals gun". Personally, I don't like the way that sounds when you say that to a shooter, so I interpret it as being best appreciated by a serious shooter who understands the small advantages of the 1911 platform over the other platforms out there. I'm not saying it's better or worse, just appreciated. Just like a Glock is appreciated by anyone who understands it's strengths and how it shines in particular roles.

    I wouldn't totally say that the 1911 is not for someone new to shooting or guns in general, but the extra money spent in many cases won't be fully appreciated since they won't understand the real differences and why some see it as the ultimate fighting/general handgun. Kind of like someone that drives like a Grandma buying a Ferrari. Sure, it still looks great, but it's not being used like it's intended to be. My Dad had a 328 GTS when I was young and it would overheat and act sketchy in freeway wanted to be run hard, just like a good 1911 does.

    Back to the three you're looking at, they are all great guns. The Sig 220 is hard to beat, but if it's SA only, I'd get the 1911 instead. The G21 is a great gun as well, but for me, the 30 is not the best fit, especially if it was my ONLY 45. I would personally only buy the 30 or 36 if I had the 21 already and for some reason couldn't carry a full size all the time. I can't see running the 30/36 at a class, competition, or a few hundred rounds at the range, but that's just because of the way I shoot. I shoot and carry larger guns and the grip is a big deal to me. I carry a Commander 1911 or 226/229 (as of late) daily.

    Sorry for the long winded response, but I've owned most of these or very similar and shot the heck out of them. I don't care for smaller guns, especially in 45. The 220 is a different gun than the other two, unless you tried the compact. It has a longer barrel than the other two and is probably the most reliable of the three, with the Glock being equal or a very close second due to the fact that it's a 45 and a smaller size and the 3" 1911 being at the bottom of the three. They can be finicky and that's just the way it is, plus it's a Kimber. I've owned 5 of them and won't own any more. It's not to say they aren't good guns, all of mine were, but there are occasional bad ones and their CS is not always as easy to deal with as Springer, for example. My comments on the three are statistics, not just my opinion I've heard it a hundred times, and it's been my experience as well. Add a Commander or 5" 1911 and a Glock 21 to the mix, and that will all change.

    So, it's the Sig of the three for me. Sorry it took me so long to get there!
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    I carry a P220 off duty and a P229 on duty. I can say the 220 is the most comfortable 45 that I have ever shot...though I caveat that by saying that I have not shot a lot of the different 45's out there, but I'm working real hard to get there and having a ton of fun doing it:) I don't find the 220 especially hard to conceal and as far as shootabliity, wow!

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    G30 for the mine

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    You can't really go wrong with any of the three you are looking at. My vote would be for the Glock 30 but I may be a little biased because my Glock 30 is my EDC. That being said I own and love the Kimber Crimson Ultra Carry.
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    I want all 3, haha
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