Glock 30....Need info

Glock 30....Need info

This is a discussion on Glock 30....Need info within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I ran across a G30 for a very good price today at a local gun shop and after looking at it and handling it for ...

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Thread: Glock 30....Need info

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    Glock 30....Need info

    I ran across a G30 for a very good price today at a local gun shop and after looking at it and handling it for a while a question came in mind I thought I would ask you fellas. It' wider than the G22 I now it hard to conceal? I like the 10 rounds of 45cal. but it is physically larger. Are my concerns no big deal? Thanks in advance for the help............SemperFi
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    Jump on'll have a dependable .45 caliber, quality proven firearm.
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    I just bought one, it's no big deal and I've always carried 1911's that are 3/4" wide. In the right holster, the G30 carries just fine.

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    I have a G30. It is kinda' wide to conceal inside the wasteband comfortably. I carry mine OWB. Usually I just open carry, but when I want to conceal it, I wear a vest or jacket over it. Sucks in the summer, but in summer, like I said, I'm usually OC anyway.
    Part of my problem is that I only have a crappy Uncle Mikes holster for it. I'm waiting for my new Blade Tech Eclipse holster to get shipped to me. That will help somewhat. The UM holster is not very stiff and allows the gun to kinda' lean outward so the grip is protruding from my body quite a bit. The Blade Tech will help alot with that.

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    no problems iwb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Marine View Post
    I ran across a G30 for a very good price today at a local gun shop and after looking at it and handling it for a while a question came in mind I thought I would ask you fellas. It' wider than the G22 I now it hard to conceal? I like the 10 rounds of 45cal. but it is physically larger. Are my concerns no big deal? Thanks in advance for the help............SemperFi
    The G30 is very concealable in my opinion. I actually carried mine in a Don Hume J.I.T. holster OWB concealed for the colder weather. Wider than the G22 of course, but shorter as well..... Proportions. 10 rounds of 45acp just seems to have a nice synergy about it. I'd say it's the bulldog of the Glock pistol line-up. May be trumped by the G29 and the 10mm in power. They do have a nice thick grip pre-SF models IMO, and that's the way it should be. Really not more of a chunk than the sub-compact 9mm, 40S&W, or .357sig models. The biggest difference will be in the weight of the loaded pistol which again might be a bit less than a fully loaded G22 (you can look this up on Glock's website). It's all in how the weight is distributed and where it's focused. In the end, you can conceal just about anything you want to with the right means and methods. You just have to want to badly enough to make it all come together. If you've got a chance at a killer deal on a G30 in good shape, I'd say go for it no matter what since you should be able to turn it around rather easily if it won't work for you.

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    I had a G30, and to be honest here in central Fl. I just could not wear it IWB concealed. I had two good holsters, but neither would hide that bulge. I finally traded it, because it basically became a safe queen.

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    A little thick, but not a big deal. Carry mine in a Cross Breed Suoertuck

    Excellent sidearm for CCW IMO. Hard to beat 10 + 1 in a compact .45

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    G36 works great also

    Interesting thread.

    I have had a G36 for about a year and really like it. In spite of the bad press this model sometimes gets, mine had been flawless, even with the Pearce +1 magazine adapter.

    Very accurate and feels good knowing I have the great 1911 round in a little more user friendly gun (I also own two full size 1911s that I really like).

    Just some thoughts,

    Trooper Joe

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    I wear my G30 everyday in either a Tucker Silent Thunder Slim or an Alabama Holster Co. "clipper" I am very happy with the setups.

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    Outstanding firearm that conceals very well.

    Yes, it is the World's Largest Compact/Mouse Gun, but boy are those 10+1 .45acp worth it!

    You will love the ridiculous accuracy that that thing packs! 3 ft area target at 80 yds according to my attempts. That is incredible for such a small (compared to full-sized guns) package.

    Get a good IWB holster, and you'll soon forget you have it on.

    Good luck!

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    jump on it...youll love it!...damn thing is a lot more accurate than i am and a great shooter with hardly any recoil...

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    Mine conceals very well. I'm using an AKJ Concealco from AKJ Concealco LLC - Concealment gun holsters, personal defense related equipment, and other gunleather. The width isn't an issue and it carries IWB like a dream for me.

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    I have never concealed a G30 but I did conceal a PT145 which I am pretty sure is the same width. It concealed just fine in a CBST and a slightly loose shirt.
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    I have pondered the same question and never have got the Glock to fit my hand at the gun shop. I need to find someone who will let me shoot the G30 so I can see for myself, I keep wanting to buy but I really want to shoot it first. No one I shoot with has G30. I carry a 1911 most of the time and a snubbie other times, and it ain't no wider than that cylinder!

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