PARA WARTHOG .45 ACP, is it a good firearm???

PARA WARTHOG .45 ACP, is it a good firearm???

This is a discussion on PARA WARTHOG .45 ACP, is it a good firearm??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I went to the local gun range today and to my surprise they had factory reps from prominate firearm and accesory manufactuers set up. They ...

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Thread: PARA WARTHOG .45 ACP, is it a good firearm???

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    PARA WARTHOG .45 ACP, is it a good firearm???

    I went to the local gun range today and to my surprise they had factory reps from prominate firearm and accesory manufactuers set up. They had this, you could shoot any firearm on display, five rounds $3. I shot the PARA WARTHOG and loved it. I sold my PT111 today and was going to sell my PT145 as a down payment toward something else. I was looking at a Colt, Springfield and now the PARA all of these in a compact 1911 style, any thoughts?
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    Great gun my buddy has one
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    I've always wanted one too. Even more so now that I've become a 1911 guy. It'll be interesting to see what our trusted friends here say about them.

    I seem to remember reading mixed reviews early on.
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    I've never owned a Warthog, but have owned several other Para's. They were all reliable and trouble free. Still have a C-6 and C-7.
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    I have never shot or owned a Para, and they look nice, but I've heard they're having a lot of quality control problems. Just sayin'...

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    The Warthog is a chunky little bugger, for the most part the (owner) reviews are positive. The biggest issue is the ParaCoat finish is crappy and wears quickly, so I'd suggest the stainless.

    I have a Para CCO in stainless, and it's been a great shooter. Have had two issues with it, 1) Didn't like one of the factory mags (easy fix) and 2) Doesn't like the cheap Remington Green Box from Wally World (another easy fix)
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    One of my shooting buddies has a Para Warthawg and I have gotten to shoot it several times---the pistol runs good, but it is a FAT heavy little sucker and the grip is just too short for me. If it works for you, OK, but give it a good try if you can and see if you want to live with it.

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    I have a warthog. As mentioned the parakot wears quickly. I'm thinking of having ccr refinish it. The weight is fine IMO but carrying 10 + 1 of .45 adds up.

    IMO essential mods are adding an extended msh and using the finger extensions on the magazines. Also, the houge wrap around grips.

    the only problem I had was during break in the recoil spring assembly broke. Para replaced it no problems. I've since changed to a small radius FPS but havent been to the range to see how that works out.

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    I just purchased a Warthog and was really excited. When I got home and started checking the gun I found that with the Thumb Safety on I could still fire the weapon. This is really serious Quality Control problem. I called Para and they really didn't seem to interested. I finally got someone in repair and they want my email address and said they would send me an RMA right away. After 4 days and no response (or email) from Para I took the gun back to the dealer and got a S&W Pro Series 45 - Officer Model. Much happier. I have owned Para's before and was happy but this was my first experience with their Customer Service. Not impressed.
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    I am impressed with them. Roll your dice. I personally don't have one. No experience, but they appear impressive..
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    I have a family member that has been shooting a p10 for 7 years in IDPA. He swears by it. No telling what the round count is on the thing. He has many para's, but the p10 is his favorite. From the luck he has had with it, and from getting to shoot his some it has gone on my to get list.

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    My son had the nighthawg. It kicked like a mule and the slide catch kept backing out of the frame when he fired it. He was a little unhappy after spending near $1,000 for it and have those issues. He quickly sold it and now has a Glock 30SF and is happy with it. I wouldn't take a para if you gave it to me.
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    Any 1911 platform less than a 4 inch barrel is just trouble..from my own experience from Kimber Ultras and a Colt Officers I used to own..

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    I have a p12-45 from roughly 15 years ago. It was my first pistol. The p12-45 was always reliable for me ball ammo, and with certain hollowpoint ammo. I would switch to a j-frame 640 in the warmer months during those years...because that is a chunky little beast to conceal. The warthog is probably much better in the department.

    I don't carry or shoot the p12-45 anymore, but it is one of my pistols that I want to have some custom work done to. My current carry is a PPS, because it disappears IWB.
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    I have a Warthog and it is 100% reliable, There is probably
    more problems with short barrel 1911's than others but most
    are trouble free.

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