Looking at 45's, M&P 45c, Kahr P45, Glock 36 any suggestions?

Looking at 45's, M&P 45c, Kahr P45, Glock 36 any suggestions?

This is a discussion on Looking at 45's, M&P 45c, Kahr P45, Glock 36 any suggestions? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would conceal carry in colder months, carry for hiking and outdoor photography. The M&P 45c as of right now has first place, Kahr P9 ...

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Thread: Looking at 45's, M&P 45c, Kahr P45, Glock 36 any suggestions?

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    Looking at 45's, M&P 45c, Kahr P45, Glock 36 any suggestions?

    I would conceal carry in colder months, carry for hiking and outdoor photography.

    The M&P 45c as of right now has first place, Kahr P9 second followed by the Glock 36.

    Current guns are Glock 23, Kahr PM9, Ruger LCP.

    Looking for your experiences with each.
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    The Kahr .45s are hands down the best holster carried guns going in my opinion. I just put a Crimson Trace on my PM 45 and this will be my EDC with Hornady Critical Defense Rounds. I may look at Corban DPX but I found the CD rounds first so they got the nod. I carry a PM9 as well and have a P380 but the little guy isn't getting much carry time lately.

    I put 100 rounds through my PM45 a week ago without a hiccup. I was able to keep 6 rounds in a 6" plate from 10 yards rapid fire. I shoot it as well a. s I shoot my PM9. The recoil is a shove and doesn't bother me at all. Great trigger.

    I used to carry a G17 and a G26 but didn't like the trigger. I went looking for a PM9 when I couldn't find ammo for my Colt Pony. The Kahr trigger is incredible and now I've sold my Kimber 9, Glock 17 and 26. I don't miss them at all. I love my Kahrs and I now have a P45, PM45, PM9 and P380.

    The P380 is a great gun to have when you can't carry a gun. It will replace my Pony and my Seecamp LWS32.

    Sweet guns.

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    I purchased a lightly used, all black, P45 about a year ago and it runs quite well now, but the first owner told me he had to send it back to Kahr THREE times before it was reliable. I really like this small .45, just be sure to test yours before a critical situation presents itself! Also note: this little dog kicks---and I am not particularly recoil sensitive---I shoot my two FA .454 Casulls all the time.

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    I sold a 30 and got a 45c. Shoots and carries great. I looked at a CW45 ( not what you are looking at,I know) and couldn't get used to the trigger.

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    I have the Glock-36 as my EDC, so I'm going with that recommendation...you won't be sorry with the '36'...thin grip, easily concealed, and 6 + 1 seems fine to me.
    Gotta' love any caliber that starts with a "4" and ends with a "5".
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    I currently own a Glock 30+36, and a Kahr PM45. The Glock 30 is my current EDC and gets the nod over the the 36 due to capacity (10+1 compared to 6+1). I just got my PM45 back from Kahr 3 days ago (magazine and extractor issues which were caused by a bad magazine catch) and have put 350 rounds down range without a single malfunction. If you are looking for a great concealable .45 then the Kahr is right choice. But if you are looking for a great all around .45 (range, home defense, concealed carry, outdoor gun) the Glock 30 would be my choice. All you need is a great holster and concealing the little giant is a breeze. You honestly can't go wrong with any of the 3 guns you have listed.
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    All three are pretty good choices. I believe that the better comparison is between the M&P and the G30 not the G36. The G36 is a fine CC piece, but in a very slightly larger frame you can get a higher capacity.

    Just out of curiosity, that G23 is a fine firearm, have you thought about it?
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    I can't speak for the M&P .45c, but I really like the M&P .45f.
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    In .45 ACP, Ya gotta check out the 1911s IMO. personally I regret taking so long to pick one up and after doing so, I'm SOLD!

    I always thought of um as being more difficult to conceal and again I was wrong. My KImber 3" is just as easy to conceal as any of my other carry options.
    If a 1911 is just outa the question for ya, outa the three you mentioned I'd go with the M&P, but all are good options. Good luck with your decision.


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    I have a fondness for my GLOCK 36.

    Doesn't have a massive round capacity, bit I put an extra mag in my pocket and am ready to go out.

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    I carry a 1911 commander every day,but have a M&P 45c in a holster when I wanta lose a several ounces on the belt
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangle View Post
    I can't speak for the M&P .45c, but I really like the M&P .45f.
    I own both, and both have a low slide profile in comparison to placement of the web of the hand below the tang making for minimal muzzle flip. They are both sweet shooting. Concealing the M&P 45c in the summer might be an issue for my small physical build but I could probably do it if I tried. The 40c (or 357 sig configuration of the same frame if I'm so inclined) is my primary carry (when I carry).
    The posters have me very interested in the G36. My boxing fitness trainer has one and loves it.
    I've shot boxes of rounds through all the Kahrs, and they're OK but less accurate for me than the M&P's I own and the Glocks I've shot. And it creeps me out that they are "moonie" guns. YMMV.
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    The M&P's get my vote great gun. I would also second the suggestion you check out something on the 1911 platform before you buy, I love them, it is my EDC.

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    Another vote for the Kahr P45 . . . 'TRY IT YOU'LL LIKE IT"

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    M&P45c won't let you down.. That would be my first and only choice....
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