My new PM9 range report.

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Thread: My new PM9 range report.

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    My new PM9 range report.

    Finally made my first trip to the range today and I must say that 290 rounds later Iím very impressed with my PM9. Of course my hand was a bit red afterward so it looks like some kind of better grip might be worth getting. Any ideasÖ Majority of shots were at the 7 and 15 yard mark but I think 7 to 10 may be a more realistic distance to shoot. The kick was much less than I thought it would be for the short barrel. Didnít worry a lot about ďgroup sizesĒ just wanted to get lots of rounds through this first time out.

    My concern is that itís very hard loading both of the mags. That last two to three bullets are real hard to get in there. I noticed the 6 round mag says MK Kahr on the side and the 7 round has no markings at all. Is this the correct 6 round mag for the PM9? Also, the 6 round one will not drop completely free when released but the 7 round one does. Guess itís just the weight difference. Anyway my new High Noon Split Decision holster arrives tomorrow and I hope Iím as happy with it as I am with my new Kahr. Didn't notice it right away till I read about it on another forum post but my PM9 has the new tapered slide and I really like the look of it (born date 6/24/10).

    Thanks to everyone here for sharing their knowledge and helping me out in making my decision to get the PM9.

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    Congrats on the PM9, fantastic pistol. 7 to 10 yards is my effective range. My groups get large any further out. MK and PM use the same mags and the six rounders don't fall free. If you shot that many rounds I bet your hand dose hurt. Loading the last rounds in the mags is stiff, thats normal. The PM9 will give you a lot of flexibility for carry options, pocket, iwb, ankle, etc. I use a fist #1 kydex and fist # 5 pocket holster most of the time. The split decision was my first holster and its a good one. I had the urge to drop some more money on iwb holsters so I got a alessi talon plus and fist #1 kydex, I like them both but their is not much difference in comfort between the 3, and the price is right on the split decision. I've shot 1200+ rounds with no issues.

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    You will want a slip on rubber grip. I have a Hogue Jr on my PM9. It goes on easier if warm, like with hot water, not microwave and trim as necessary. Everything about the PM9 is tight when new. I got one of those universal loader tools which takes the toil out of the loading mags task.

    The mags don't all drop free on Kahrs, at least not at first. I did some clean-up & polishing things and now my mags drop free and everything is smoother. If you haven't yet, I recommend dropping in on the forum. Besides the forum talk stuff, they have an excellent Kahr-Tech forum with maintenance threads. Particularily the "Proper prep of a new kahr" and "Kahr Lube Diagram".

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    I used a inner tube. DSCN1345.jpgWorks great. Your hand will appreciate it, lol
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    The PM9 is an awesome little pistol. Loading the mags can be a little hard, but it is normal, and after a short while the mags will drop free. The MK9 and the PM9 use the same mag. Congrats on the PM9
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    Congrats on the new PM9. As already stated, give the mags some time and they should loosen up. As for grips, check out the decal grips available at

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