Lone Wolf prototype "Timberwolf" frame. Range report and pics.

Lone Wolf prototype "Timberwolf" frame. Range report and pics.

This is a discussion on Lone Wolf prototype "Timberwolf" frame. Range report and pics. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I got to shoot it, briefly, and the pics aren't great. I will spend more time with it Saturday, and I will own one as ...

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Thread: Lone Wolf prototype "Timberwolf" frame. Range report and pics.

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    Lone Wolf prototype "Timberwolf" frame. Range report and pics.

    I got to shoot it, briefly, and the pics aren't great. I will spend more time with it Saturday, and I will own one as soon as I can.

    I stopped by the gunshop after work yesterday, and guess what they had. We got a Timberwolf prototype frame from Lone Wolf with instructions to test it a bunch with no mercy. It had a 17 upper on it when I picked it up and took pics, but I switched to a 22 for testing, since we had a bunch of boxes of .40 open on the range.

    I loved the feel of this frame. As a lefty I found the mag release comfortable where the stock Glock tends to hit the base of my trigger finger. The feel was a lot more solid than the G4 frame. That feels cheap to me, like I could crack it if I squeezed it too hard. It felt exceptionally good to my average-sized hands. The finger grooves lined up to my fingers perfect. As for the gun itself I did notice the fit was not perfect, especially at the rear of the frame where it meets the slide under the slide cover plate. There was a space that made me think the slide was moved too far forward, turns out there is some extra material there above the beavertail. You can just see it in one of the pics. For the short shooting session I had, it made no difference. If it's a prototype thing, fine. it wouldn't make that much of a difference to me on a production gun, but I will mention it to LW. The internals were dropped right in from a range rental that was pretty dirty, no mercy on this thing. The trigger was as good as the stock 17 it came from. No fit issues there.

    Looks like all stock parts except for the mag release are OEM compatible. The medium grip insert was installed. I don't care for the huge beavertail, but the grip feels good so obviously it works. My EDC 1911 doesn't have a beavertail at all, and has a bobbed hamer with no spur, I've learned to live with that.

    Ammo was something from Independence. FMJ probably 180gr. Range ammo and nothing fancy. The eye shot was the first round. Was it a lefty mashing the trigger or a hand-chambered round? Obviously the fault of the gun Had it out about 10 yards or so.

    This session was short because I had my son along, and I had to get off the range before all the other employees fed him a bunch of chocolate and coffee and sent him home with me. Bragging dad pic with my son playing "Zommie" Grrrrr. He's no stranger to zombies, he has a Nerf single shot that he thinks he's learning to shoot zombie targets with, but he's really learning gun safety.

    As of now, I like the feel of this thing and I like the "don't see one of those everyday" factor so much that I want one. I'm already planning on working out a deal.

    If there's any interest in this, I'll shoot it more on Saturday. I have a lot of work to do, got the VFW M1s coming in for service before some more funerals, so they get top priority. I'll post what I can if anybody's interested. Comments are welcome as always.
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    This would be Lone Wolf's first polymer aftermarket frame, no?

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    First things first. Where can I get some of those zombie targets??!!??
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    What I get from this is it has a better "feel" to the grip. I'm not crazy about the beaver tail either, but I could live with it. Is the mag release reversible? That would be a plus for the lefties. I wonder what the projected price is. I guess it's a good idea for someone who wants to build their own "Glock clone."

    Lone Wolf kinda got on my bad side, but that's another story.

    Pretty good shooting by the way!
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    Some of my favorite targets:

    And take some of these to the outdoor range:

    You do have a firearm capable of taking out one of these, right?
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    Looks great, to me.
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    It's an interesting design on the frame. The most notable addition or change from the stock frame is the extended beaver tail. I know a guy who has had a Glock's slide bite him because his hold was so high.
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