Tell me about the S&W 4506 please

Tell me about the S&W 4506 please

This is a discussion on Tell me about the S&W 4506 please within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've always like these guns and my local shop has one for $400 OTD its like new,I don't think its been shot even. I notice ...

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Thread: Tell me about the S&W 4506 please

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    Tell me about the S&W 4506 please

    I've always like these guns and my local shop has one for $400 OTD its like new,I don't think its been shot even. I notice its a heavy gun but very similar to a government model 1911. Are these reliable guns and are they well made?
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    I have the smaller version (commander size) 4566 I picked up recently. Took it to the range for the first time a week or two ago and rand different factory and reloads through it. It ate up every thing without a hitch. "I" didn't shoot well with it, but I don't shoot 2" groups with anything. Never have/never will. I'm pleased with the gun; I just need to learn to shoot better. My has a bobbed hammer, so once decocked, it's DAO. the trigger pull is firm and relatively long, but not unreasonably hard. Once cocked, the SA trigger is crisp, almost scary light, compared to my G30.

    A bit heavy for CC work, it could be done with the right belt/holster combo. It's built like a tank. I didn't really get it for that purpose (G30 & CZ-82), but more for range time and HD use. Mine ended up a tad under $500 with shipping and FFL fees, so $400 OTD sounds like a good deal.

    The downside is finding parts and accessories, as the model is discontinued. Hogue has both rubber and wood grips (although a tad pricey). S&W may have parts still. Wolff carries springs.

    Overall, I'm happy with mine (former cop gun, I think) and yours sounds like a better deal. Personally, if you're looking for a SS .45 Auto at a good price, I'd get it. 8+1 of anything you can fit into the mag.
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    I owned a 4506 for several years and never had any problems. It was a police trade in and I spiffied it up a bit, giving it a melt job and contouring the trigger. It fed everything I put into it, even empty brass. I traded it mainly because of it's large dimensions. I wanted something more compact for CC. I currently have it's brother the 1006 in 10mm. It's just as reliable.
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    I own an original Model 645 from late 1985...when S&W first got into making 45acp platforms...and I still own it. Heavy yes, but a great firearm. Easy to field strip and maintain. $400 OTD is ballpark
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    You will not find a more reliable .45 automatic. The 4506 and the guns in its series used to go for $250-$350 on the used market, however, as they have become less available the prices have creeped up. $400 OTD is a good deal for a 4506, a great deal in the condition you describe. There are still parts available, and while holsters and the like are less common now than they once were, the 45xx series guns were very popular duty weapons for about 15 years and there are still plenty of holsters floating around out there, especially used. Bud's recently ran a special on some trade in 4586 pistols (4 1/4" DAO) for $259 shipped. They sold out in a matter of days.

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    Heavy, reliable guns. Not really much like your 1911, as the trigger system is DA/SA with a decocker safety. Typical DA is about 12 pounds but can be brought down to 9 or so, SA is about 6 but can be brought down to 4.5 or so-by someone who knows how to work on the action. No ongoing problems with the model, I think there are more than a few in police holsters, including LAPD. I carried the smaller 4566TSW for a few years.
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    I've owned a 4506 for about 20 years. It is rock solid and 100% reliable. I don't think you can go wrong for the money.

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