Glock 32 recoil?

Glock 32 recoil?

This is a discussion on Glock 32 recoil? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; HI guys. Does a G32 have more or less recoil than say a G23 with 180 gr JHPs? I've shot a G22 and didn't like ...

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Thread: Glock 32 recoil?

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    Glock 32 recoil?

    HI guys.

    Does a G32 have more or less recoil than say a G23 with 180 gr JHPs?

    I've shot a G22 and didn't like the recoil, but a G23 wasn't too bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clarkston_cz View Post
    HI guys.

    Does a G32 have more or less recoil than say a G23 with 180 gr JHPs?

    I've shot a G22 and didn't like the recoil, but a G23 wasn't too bad.
    Depends on the load. It's also going to be subjective because I think most 180s are more pleasant to shoot than hotter 155s. I also find the G22 more comfortable to shoot than the G23. Generally, I've found the .357 Sig to be a little snappy but with a smaller push than the .40 cal. but moreso than a 9mm +P. Doesn't help much, does it?!
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    i just bought a 32 barrel for my 23 and shooting 125 speer gold dot le to me the recoil does seem less. one thing about the 23, i bought one 2yrs ago and i don't shoot a lot [once a month]. the first few times i shot it it did seem what everyone calls snappy. about the 6th time out it didn't seem that ''snappy''. after about the 10th session recoil was a non issue. my point is when someone shoots a gun a couple of times it really don't tell you a lot. i had the same thing happen with the .45, 44mag, and .357mag. i'm glad i kept them and stayed with them, they all serve me well.

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    The .357 sig definitely does have more snap to the recoil like KPW and Tracker said. I definitely enjoy shooting .40 much better than a .357 sig.

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    The 32 has more blast than the 23, not recoil.
    I've got both and there is a numerical way to compare recoil out of similar pistols, "power factor".
    Power factor is bullet weight x velocity / 1,000
    Glock 32 with Gold Dot 125 gr. JHP: 1,334 fps / 494# KE / 167 PF
    Glock 23 with Gold Dot 155 gr. JHP: 1,171 fps / 472# KE / 182 PF
    Same size pistols, comparable ammunition, .357 Sig kicks less than 40.
    What about the 180 gr. loads initially mentioned for the 23?
    Glock 23 with Winchester "white box" 180 JHP: 977 fps / 176 PF
    Another .357 Sig load to have two examples for each:
    32 with Federal 125 JHP: 1,332 fps / 167 PF
    The .357 Sig kicks less than the 40 out of comparable pistols.

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    If you want to know what the 357 sig feels like, find a box of Cor-bon 135 gr. in .40 cal. It recoils very similar to the 357 sig. in the 125 gr. loading.

    A little off subject, but some people wonder why shoot .357 sig instead of 9 mm in a +p+ 125 gr. load. The simple answer is that the 9 mm loads in +p+ can be hard to find. Finding 125 gr. .357 sig is easy and any 125 gr. load in .357 sig is an effective one.
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    I've shot both a 32 and a 23. The recoil impulse of the .357 Sig has less rise than the .40 S&W, but is more violent. I really did not care for the 23 at all. If you really want a sweet shooting Glock, get a 37. The .45 GAP is my favorite round of all - easy to shoot and inherently accurate.
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    Having shot both in multiple brands and grain sizes, I'll summarize by saying saying the recoil is not "bigger" but it's definitely a little more intense, fast and snappy upward blowback. It's a super fun round to shoot at the range. It seems like its just a bit louder than the model 23 as well.

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    I've never shot a .40, but did shoot a guy's SIG in .357. To me, the recoil was nothing uncontrolable or unacceptable. Yeah, it more than a 9mm, but then a 9s more than a .22LR. .357 SIG recoil would not be an issues with me. But I'm kind of a .45 ACP guy. And I liked blasting away with a .41 Mag.
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