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Down to the wire: deciding on another pistol

This is a discussion on Down to the wire: deciding on another pistol within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You mentioned occassional carry in Florida so that would mean concealed carry. The Beretta 92 is a great weapon but a tad large for concealed ...

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Thread: Down to the wire: deciding on another pistol

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    You mentioned occassional carry in Florida so that would mean concealed carry. The Beretta 92 is a great weapon but a tad large for concealed carry which is the main reason I sold mine back in the late 80's. The Para Warthog is one gun I have no experience with. I do not particularly like a 1911 format with a barrel length shorter than 4" and I like a single stack but that's just me. I like Glocks and have several. They are reliable , simple to use , and the G-30 is a good concealed carry piece. That said I prefer the G-36 for concealed carry but you do give up 4 rounds to the G-30. Decisions, decisions. Good luck !
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    If it were strictly a HD pistol, I'd choose the 92. But since you want it to fill two roles, the G30 is the way to go.
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    If it was to add to the home defense line up, I'd go with the 92. I carry 1911's but occasionally carry a Sig 226 or 229 SCT under a T-Shirt here in South Texas, so some commenting on size for carry is a very personal thing and may not affect you at all. I even carried my HK USP Tactical 45 a few times under a t-shirt and it carried fine and I'm only 5'8" and about 175.

    Nothing against the Glock 30, but for home defense, the 21 would make more sense since you already have two small Glocks, get a bigger one.

    The Para for home defense is not the wisest choice in my OPINION. A full size or Commander carries fine and I see no need for a smaller 1911 for carry, but ESPECIALLY not for home defense. The smaller you go with 1911's the more chance there is of a failure due to springs, etc. So, there's no way I'd use a small 1911 for home defense (I wouldn't carry one either, personally). If you said a Wilson or Nighthawk in that size, I wouldn't be as concerned about reliability, but the Para may not have the same QC.

    For home defense there's no reason for a small gun. For carry, in many cases, a larger gun is fine, but many have a fear of being made and then there's a small number that have real reasons for a smaller gun. My full size and Commanders carry like nothing is there with the right holster and belt.

    From your list, and this may seem to contradict what I posted above, the Glock MAY be the best choice if you plan on carrying it as much as you use it for home defense. Personally, from the list, I'd still probably go with the 92....from your list.
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    G30 - although I would opt for a G21

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    I vote for the G30.
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    Stay with Glock but upgrade to the 21
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    Taking everyone's input, I changed from a Para to a Colt Officer's Stainless 1911, a Springfield Armory Officer Sized Stainless 1911 or a Beretta 92 FS INOX.

    I already have 2 Glocks and the 30 is a bit too thick. The Para has an equivocal track record for 1911s. I will look at two more gunships and buy something by the end of the week.
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    I'm starting to think that this forum should be renamed from DC to GC, JMO, personally, I prefer 1911 (though, I still haven't fired a Glock)
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    I could like another Colt OM. Selling it is a little regret of mine.
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    Glock 30 from your list.

    But I've held the G30 and it feels a bit bulky to me. Kinda sad that coming from a Glock fan boy. But I have medium chubby hands and I just couldn't get a good grip on it. And don't get me started on the G21. I used to get mad when people use to call Glocks ''2x4's'', but after holding both the G21SF and the G30SF, I can 'kinda' understand.
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    Of those listed, the Glock.
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    Another Glock-30 vote here...
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    Thanks, everyone for the input. I got a Kimber Pro Raptor II.
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    Well, I voted for the G30 as well. Thing is....if it's going to work well for you. My previous G30 just didn't get carried enough, a bit too muzzle heavy for me and maybe the grip wasn't just right. I haven't handled the SF version yet, so I don't know if it's something for me to reconsider now. That being said, and out of those on your list....I'd really love to have a WartHog.

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    G30 all day

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