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Recommendations please for first handgun for a lefty

This is a discussion on Recommendations please for first handgun for a lefty within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by hayzor Springfield XD - great for a lefty or righty. IMO the recoil spring being very stiff combined with having to depress ...

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Thread: Recommendations please for first handgun for a lefty

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    Quote Originally Posted by hayzor View Post
    Springfield XD - great for a lefty or righty.
    IMO the recoil spring being very stiff combined with having to depress the the back strap safety, makes it next to impossible pull the slide back and manipulate the slide catch/release with the gun in the left hand.. if i ever had to lock the slide back for any reason, i had to swap it to my right hand. my fingers are to long and go well past the slide release. i had to swap the gun to my right hand and use my thumb to reach it. my forefinger could barely hit it to release the slide too. everything about that gun was awkward to me. but thats just me, you might like it.

    traded the XD for a S&W M&P. have never been happier. i own a couple different lefty friendly guns. walther p22 (similar to the p99) ruger P85 (similar to the p89 and p95) i would suggest any of those guns.

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    I'm a Lefty and shoot both revolvers and semiautos.
    I own or have owned Glock ,Springfield, S&W , Sigs , and others.

    If you intend for two new shooters to share a handgun make it a
    S&W revolver or a Glock.

    Minimal controls to master and pretty much foolproof triggers.

    -SIG , it's What's for Dinner-

    know your rights!

    "If I walk in the woods, I feel much more comfortable carrying a gun. What if you meet a bear in the woods that's going to attack you? You shoot it."
    {Bernhard Goetz}

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    For a Semi Auto Ruger SR9c or M&P for a Revolver I believe Charter Arms makes a Lefty Specific model. my kid is a lefty thats why I got the Ruger SR9c..its FULLY ambidextrous right out of the switching or changing anything around needed.

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    For a new shooter, I've always recommended a revolver as a first weapon, especially if a woman (wife) is gonna use it.
    My wife decided on getting a handgun a couple of weeks ago and had a lot of trouble using the slide on all semi autos she tried.
    She finally settled on a Ruger SP101 .357 and just loves it (likes .38 spl.). She also got a couple of speedloaders and is happy with them.
    Practices with it most every evening!
    Revolvers are usually good right or left handed.
    Yeah, My old CCW 9 MM is nicknamed "Barkey"
    New CCW LCP is "Elsie"
    and my 12 Ga S x S Coach gun is "Boomer"
    Wife's weapon is "Miss Pearl" (SP101 .357 w/mother of pearl inserts)
    We're old so we can get away with that.

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    I'm a lefty,I can operate just about any firearm,but for a new shooter,KISS,glock,SA XD,M&P 9c,and a few others,one thing about striker fired pistols like glocks,XD's,M&P's is the trigger pull is the same with every shot,1911's are great guns,but they would require an ambi-safety and he would need enough gun time to build muscle memory to flick the thumb safety off when he draws
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmdrdredd View Post
    ...I'm going to recommend an M&P because the 1911 doesn't have a reversable mag release if I'm not mistaken...
    FYI,..aftermarket ambi mag releases are available for the 1911.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    You're likely to get as many opinions as people posting with something so subjective as this. Your plan to get out to the gun shows and then the range is a good one. See what fits his hand best.

    I'm happy with my Glock 23 and my 1911 w/ an ambi safety and beaver tail.

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    I am a natural left-hander, but for several reasons elected to carry right-handed when I started carrying 26+ years ago, when I started wearing a badge. (Texas did not have a CHL system in place back then.) I do train to shoot with each hand taking its turn as the weapon hand. If I am going to draw-and-fire in an emergency, I will probably be shooting rightie. In a situation that allows me to proactively draw the gun, such as a building search or area search, my left hand is my weapon hand, the right hand the support hand.

    Guys, in all seriousness, SIG "classic" pistols, the P220/226/228/229, work BETTER in lefty mode than rightie mode. The ONLY thing that is clumsier in lefty mode is decocking, and decocking is not something that is done in an urgent rush. With a bit of practice, using the trigger finger to decock does work. My usual carry/duty P229s have the DAK trigger system, which eliminates the decocker, anyway. With an unlimited budget, I would still consider the P226/P228/P229 to be the best autopistol in the world for this lefty's hands. I don't want reversed controls, and I don't want an extra set of controls.

    In lefty mode, if you want to lock the slide back, use the right hand to grasp the slide, with the left thumb along the left side of the slide, and the tip of the right thumb, nudges the slide stop into place. Conti's book on police handgunning shows this in a clear photo.

    Want to drop the slide? Overhand grasp, pull back, and if there is no mag in the gun, or a loaded mag in the gun, the slide will now fall.

    If one wants to use a horizontal-thumb grip method, or even the high-thumb grip, which I do not favor, shooting a SIG lefty means the levers do not interfere with the thumbs.

    Want to drop the magazine? Use the left index finger. This, to me, is superior to using the thumb with a reversed button.

    To be clear, there are other pistols that will work just as well, with similar manual of arms. I use SIGs, and know they work for me. I briefly used Glocks for duty/carry, and recall they were also good lefty pistols.

    Of course, the good ol' revolver works well for lefties, too. The right-hand reload method shown at works well lefty, too, as it brings the hands together for that moment that allows a lefty to seamlessly hand the sixgun over.

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    Smith & Wesson M&P line or H&K pistols

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    I'll second the H&K.

    They are ambi - everything, and perfect for a lefty like me.

    I'm also a fan of the ergo grip on the HK45

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    Lefty here, too.

    CZ has an ambi safety and mag release, and they make damn fine guns. There are others out there. Some guns. like the Springfield XDSC, have a backstrap and trigger safety that can be operated with either hand. He may also want to consider a revolver. Either hand works well there.

    Lefty holsters can be a BIG problem. You may need to pick one of the "popular" guns to find a holster for it. I heartily recommend NOT using one of the generic "fits A, B, C, and sometimes X and Y guns" type. Find a holster custom made for your specific weapon.

    In choosing a carry weapon:

    The "best" gun is the one YOU like, not anyone else. It will be a compromise of:

    1. Fit - It should fit in your hand like you were born with it there.
    2. Reliability - It should go BANG about 99.8% of the time you pull the trigger.
    3. Accuracy - In YOUR hand. It's how well YOU shoot it.
    4. Concealability - It should be comfortable enough to wear and easy enough to conceal so you won't leave it laying on the dresser at home.
    5. Cost - You don't want to scrimp on your "life protector" weapon, but you probably don't need a $1,000 Kimber, either.

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    Glocks are 'lefty' friendly.
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

    Certified Glock Armorer
    NRA Life Member

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    Quote Originally Posted by cz2075bd View Post
    probably starting at a major gunshow this weekend, Then on to a range to rent some of the better options.
    So your from Virginia... major gunshow this weekend... I'll see you at the Dulles expo center and maybe blue ridge afterwards? :)

    We will also be there looking for a gun for my wife. She is in an interesting situation where she is left eye dominant and because of this shoots left handed. Have him try out what feels good to him. For example my wife prefers a right-handed wheelgun for loading.

    The guns were looking at for her are the M&P, XD9, and maybe a wheelgun. She loves the ambi operations. Leaning heavily to M&P.

    PS im a sig guy :(

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    Like others have stated , a left hand safety (if equipped with a safety) is the only real requirement to finding a pistol for a left handed shooter.
    "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." Thomas Jefferson

    Nemo Me Impune Lacesset

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    Just remember, almost any auto is going to eject brass directly into or near your face.
    "First gallant South Carolina nobly made the stand."
    Edge of Darkness

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