Our 2 Month Anniversery!

Our 2 Month Anniversery!

This is a discussion on Our 2 Month Anniversery! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Today is the 2 month anniversary from the time I got my G23. I love it (we're still newlyweds) and I wish I had gotten ...

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Thread: Our 2 Month Anniversery!

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    Our 2 Month Anniversery!

    Today is the 2 month anniversary from the time I got my G23. I love it (we're still newlyweds) and I wish I had gotten one a long time ago.

    I never leave the house with out it and I can't wait until I get my CCDW. I've already taken the class and now it's just a matter of time before I can conceal carry. Sweet!!

    Last Monday, I took her into the place where we met and treated her to the extended slide stop along with picking up a pack of the Decal Grip (she's a Gen3). I love the extended slide stop but not so sure about the Decal Grip. It's a lot rougher than I anticipated so maybe after it wears a little bit, I'll like it more? What do you think? Love it? Hate it?

    Later on I'm thinking of treating her to a laser but haven't made up my mind on what to get. I like Crimson Trace but I'm being allured by "green" as well. It'd be nice if there were a combo? Maybe someday? I also have to take holsters into consideration. Right now, I have the "Miami Classic" Galco and am not sure if I could still use that rig if I got something like a Viridian green laser?

    Anyway, I'm going to have a Coke0 and say "Cheers!"

    Grace & Peace,

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    Forget the lasers, just train hard and you'll be faster than you ever could be with a laser... Just my opinion!

    As for the decal grips, you can try rubbing two of them together and that will take the sharper points off, so will a light sandpaper. Enjoy!
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    Don't need a laser (or sights for that matter), but do take a 'point shooting course', it'll be the best SD training you could treat yourself to...

    See: Integrated Threat Focused Training Systems at the top of the page.^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    I EDC a 23 for the last 10 + years. You dont need a laser with pracitce, plus on the Glocks they are really ugly. LOL Those decal grips are a gimmick, I dont like them. I have shot my Glock in all kinds of envirnoments and never had a problem with grip. Enjoy. And get yourself a good IWB holster.
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    Laser will be good for the first shot if that....think of the recoil not to mention that the gun wont be steady no matter what...the laser is gonna be all over the place....practice your point shooting...come time for you to defend ureself u prolly wont even see your sights

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