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How Many Rounds?

This is a discussion on How Many Rounds? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 15+1 in the G-19 plus 2x15 ,mags is 46. Enough to take care of most if not all issues....

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Thread: How Many Rounds?

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    15+1 in the G-19 plus 2x15 ,mags is 46. Enough to take care of most if not all issues.
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    Depending on my carry method for the day it varies my carry gun is a Beretta 9000s in .40 always but it just depends how many mags I want to tote around. If I carry in a Bellyband I have 10 + 1 in the gun and two spare 11 round magazines. If I carry either OWB or IWB my mag can go in a desantis magazine pocket holster in my left back pocket or two mags can go in a double mag holder by Fobus on my left side instead.
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    17 + 1 with the SR9

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    Quote Originally Posted by boomer252 View Post
    10+1+extra clip in the G30
    Gimme 20 push ups for referring to a magzine as a "clip".
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    Most days I carry a snub nose with 5 rounds and sometimes a speed strip. Add me to the shotgun in the truck club, all the snubbie has to do is buy me enough time to get to the truck.

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    6+1 in my PM9.
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    PM9 7+1, with an occaisional extra 6 depending on where I'm going. As its been mentioned previously, if you can't resolve a situation with that many rounds then its time to get the hell outta dodge anyway!

    I think most people would agree that your main goal should be to remove yourself (and family or who ever you are with) out of the situation, not to make sure you get all the BGs. Preserve life as priority # 1 but if a BG threatens that then send him/her a few hydra-shoks.
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    8+1+ 10rd spare mag 1911/BUG,5=24 total, 19-.45/5-.38spl

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    25 with 1911 8+1 and 2 spare mags. 27 with G23. 13+1 with 1 spare mag.
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    NY27 "When I carry my G30, it is 9+1 and a spare 21 mag of 13 rounds again giving me 23 rounds." How about push ups for not loading your G30 mag all the way!

    1911: 8+1 usually 1 extra mag
    P32: 7+1 usually sometimes 1 extra mag
    T85: 5+0 usually a speedloader and sometimes up to two speed strips

    Usually 2 of the 3 above are carried so average 17-45ACP & 8-10 for BUG: 25-27 Total Average

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    M&P compact 12+1 with a spare 12 round or 17 round mag, so 25 or 30.
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    ruger sp101 5 loaded with 2 speed strips so 17rds of hornady 357magnum custom 125gr xtp
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    15 + 1 in my G19 and a spare 15 round magazine!
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    15+2+1 G19 w/ +2 ext

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    Normal carry - Kel Tec PF9-7 rounds of 9mm + Glock 26-10 rounds of 9mm = 17 rounds of 9mm

    I'm not in the habit of carrying a spare mag all the time. I figure grabbing my Kel Tec out my pocket after I empty out my Glock from off my hip is a fast enough reload! Sometimes I carry a 15 round mag in my Glock and a reload for my Kel Tec so the count sometimes go up to 29. But thats when I know I'm gonna be out all day.
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