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This is a discussion on XD9 or G19 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a G19 and my buddy bought a XD9. I love my glock but his xd shoots great too. you should shoot the G19 ...

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Thread: XD9 or G19

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    I have a G19 and my buddy bought a XD9. I love my glock but his xd shoots great too. you should shoot the G19 and compare the two.....go with whichever feels better in your hand and you can shoot better with.

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    I would just go with whichever feels better in your hand. Both very reliable guns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RKirk View Post
    I have a Service model XD-9 and am thinking about selling and buying a Gen 3 Glock 19. Are there enough reasons on the plus side of the G19 over the XD to let the XD go and buy the G19? Looking for input. Thanks guys and gals for your thoughts.

    -- Richard
    I own both guns so my opinion is based on real first hand experience with both these handguns not just "Ford vs Chevy" mentality. Many people will just give their opinions on this subject (and others) and they are not based on anything that will really help you since they are just 'fanboys" of the gun they own and need to justify and validate their purchase and choice of handgun. So keep that in mind when you read other posts on this subject. Both are fine pistols, which is better? It comes down to handling and ergonomics for you to decide since both mechanically, and reliablity wise are on par with the other IMO. I have never had any issues with either pistol. As far as trading the XD for the G19, you will lose on a trade regardless and never get what the XD is worth so keep that in mind. These handguns are both polymer framed and generally unatractive handguns when compaired to say a 1911 or Hi Power but are fine self defense tools and there is no loser with these two tools. Keep the XD and save up and then get the G19. More guns are always good. You likely have seen this video but its always funny and in reality just about right in the points on these two handguns. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBdYBc0BLgQ

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    I'm not a XD fan or a Glock fan as I shoot everything, and own a M&P.... I shoot both of the guns you mentioned the same. BUT I would chose the Glock 19 over the XD... for the grip safety I don't like on the XD... and the Glock is like the Ford Model T... it is a basic easy to use and a lot of up-grades
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    Glock 19, hands down
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    This is really a personal preference thing. I own and XD9 and love it. I've fired various Glock models and have never liked them. Personally, I shoot better with the XD...but your not me

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    A previous poster made a key point - you are going to lose on the trade. It's like trading in a good car you are using. if the car just doesn't get doen what you need done, then trade and take the financial beat-down. If you just want something "new", understand you'll pay for the privilege.

    I wanted a Glock 19 for my collection, but wasn't going to trade in a Kimber, Sig, or S&W to get it. I like those, too. I just saved up and bought the Glock. It has become my go-to carry gun. I thought I didn't like the grip at first, and the trigger can't begin to comapre to my Kimbers. However, I practiced with it, and am now shooting very tight groups. It's easy to clean and I am confident it will work if I ever need it.

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    Although you may find you shoot one better than the other, neither one is better than the other. The only solution is to own both.
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    I have to admit I am having trouble working the slide on my captured recoil spring. When I shoot a G19 the Gen 3 model it takes less force to operate. So this is not about which pistol is better, it is more about which one do I operate the best! I do plan to shoot a Gen 3 more to help me decide. Thanks for the encouragement and advice. I am on the search!

    -- Richard
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    I just wrestled that bear, do I buy the Glock the XD or the M&P? I wanted a 4" bbl ,striker fired "wonder nine". I was looking for economy, shootability, and reliability. They all fit the criteria and it was not an easy decision, but having short fingers helped sway me to the XD. It just fit me better and had a great trigger pull. My first trip to the range made me smile till my face hurt! No ftf or fte issues and it shot point of aim to boot. God bless America for good choices!! Enjoy them WHILE YOU CAN !!!!!!
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    I'm not a "fan" of any polymer framed pistol. I've fired both XD's and Glocks, a LOT. Having previously run a high volume retail gun store, with on-site full service gunsmithing, I've seen what pistols have what problems, and what pistols are in for problems more often than others. The XD is a really good pistol, of good construction, with good features. It performs well, and comes with a nice warranty. Bore axis is a bit high, like a Sig, but I can shoot it well, nonetheless. It's a bit chunkier than I want to carry IWB, but many people do it, and with a proper holster and belt, do it well. That said, the Glock 19 is a superior pistol, in practically every way.
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    Since you already have the XD and Glock 19's are really easy to find to shoot (either as a demo or ask somebody that has one)...I would shoot them back to back. Is one easier for you to conceal? Whichever you shoot and conceal better then go for that one.

    Is a service model any different than a garden variety xd9 that anyone can get? Maybe there are some features that make it worthwhile?

    (I shot my G19 and my new Sig P239 .40 same lane same day and I must say I noted differences I would not have shooting them seperately. Sort of like wine tasting)

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    Glocks rock IMO..
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    Quote Originally Posted by txgolfer45 View Post
    Personally, I don't like the higher bore position on the XD vs. the Glock. I'd get the Glock.
    Higher bore axis on the XD is the only negative on teh XD versus a Glock. Other than that there isnt ten cents difference other than grip angle and preference. I love XD's and own them. I have shot Glocks and just can't get used to the grip angle. I say go with what you prefer after a good review of what you prefer best.

    Quote Originally Posted by SpencerB View Post
    Glock 19, hands down
    This is a typical Glock fanboy response. Offers up the Glock but doesn't offer a real world reason.
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    Love them both. The XD has a SAO trigger that's a little faster than a Glock's. However, Springfield has yet to make something as good as the Glock 19, IMHO.
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