Stoeger vs Beretta vs Ceska zbrojovka

Stoeger vs Beretta vs Ceska zbrojovka

This is a discussion on Stoeger vs Beretta vs Ceska zbrojovka within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After a month of so of educating myself about guns and talking to several friends, I have narrowed down my search to three guns (stoeger, ...

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Thread: Stoeger vs Beretta vs Ceska zbrojovka

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    Stoeger vs Beretta vs Ceska zbrojovka

    After a month of so of educating myself about guns and talking to several friends, I have narrowed down my search to three guns (stoeger, beretta, or CZ). I really like the feel and look of the Cougar as well as that of the CZ75. My problem is making the final decision.

    I'm aware that the Beretta and Stoeger cougar are basically the same gun (made from the exact same machinery), but i've heard that the finish is of lesser quality on the stoeger. Is this where their differences end? If so, then I'd probably go for the Stoeger since it's cheaper, but if I wanted a Beretta Cougar 8000, where would I find one? The beretta Cheetah was in the running for awhile but seeing as i'll use it for both self defense and range shooting i was thinking 9mm or .40. If the Cheetah didn't only come in .38 I would definitely consider it.

    I've also heard great things about the C75. Basically the same as the two before it.

    All in all, I'm asking for each of your opinions and experiences with all of these guns. Which do you prefer? Which do you think i should get as a relatively new shooter? I want to get a lot of practice in and i'm not that rich so i was leaning 9mm over 40. but is 40 better enough to take the extra cost hit?
    Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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    I'd vote CZ hands down, but the 75 is a big pistol to conceal in hot weather. I'd look at the 75 compact, RAMI, P-01 or the P-07 Duty. I have a 9mm P-07 with a decock, love it and can't wait to CC it once late Sept gets here. I dream of a CZ 97!
    Not to stoke the eternal 9mm vs Fortay stuff, but I'd vote 9- it's way cheaper to shoot with a higher capacity

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    Out of those choice....CZ75 hands down. Just an overall better pedigree world wide as a dependable handgun. Plus holsters and parts will be much easier to find.
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    I'm gonna jump on the CZ bandwagon. They really are nice pistols.
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    My vote goes to the CZ. I have never been a fan of the other two you mentioned due to their safeties and/or decockers being contained in the slide. Firing pin block safeties are bad enough without adding other stuff that when failed, can stop the gun from running.

    The less moving parts in the slide the better. The slide sees enough stress cycling back and forth when you shoot the gun. I prefer not to have anything within this high speed functioning part that has anything to do with stopping the firing pin from doing its job.

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    I love the Beretta 8000. I would agree the finish is a bit better than the Stoeger 8000 Cougar, but ... it's not a huge difference. As far as the quality of the guns, they seem the same. I have had an 8000 for a long time, and it still looks brand new and will eat up any ammo you throw at it , quite accurately. I do like the rotating barrel and it seems to add to the accuracy. Breakdown, etc. is all very easy.
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    another vote for cz. Have 3 and almost bought a 4th today. cant go wrong with cz p-01. Rami is also good.
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    No question about it, the CZ is a better design.
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    Another vote for the Z

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    Another vote for the CZ. I have an older used 75B that is as accurate as anything that I have. I am considering a P07 as I like the lines and the de-cocker. Good luck.

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    CZ. 9mm is good. Nuff said.
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    The CZ hands down. Customers come in the store looking for the CZ75 and other CZ guns. Fit, finish, and exceptional operation/reliability makes the CZ the gun of choice with a lot of people. The Beretta/Steoger are the same basic guns. Fit an dfinish are a bit different. If you have large fingers, the CZ might give you a bit of trouble with the slide serations, other than that it's a great handgun in all stretches.
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    Well, I can't speak for the CZ as I do not own one, nor have I compared it to my Stoeger, but I do carry the Stoeger in a CBST every day. The grip is a bit large for CC (although this factor is largely impacted by body type). I have smaller hands, so it takes a bit of effort/practice/muscle memory to get just the right feel for the gun. As with any gun, practice, practice, practice. I do not find it difficult to engage/disengage the safety, but having smaller hands, I cannot do so without altering my grip on the gun. Hind sight is 20/20, and now that I have had the Cougar as an EDC for a bit, I would prefer to go with something smaller with a simpler design. Outside of the Cougar's conceal pros/cons, it is VERY accurate, eats what ever you feed it, and has a good finish to it. I am not overly concerned about the finish since this is a tool in which practical, efficient, and dependable use is employed. I might recommend the Cougar more for a house or car gun, but as far as CC you may want to consider some other options or at least take into account your body type, hand size, safety type(s), holster or accessory options and availability, etc... Just my $.02.
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    +1 on the CZ!!!!
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