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Thread: Front Pocket Carry

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    Front Pocket Carry

    I've tried several methods of carring. Though not obese, I am a big guy. Holsters, both inside or outside carry, just are not that comfortabe for me. Also, I much prefer t-shirts to layering. I want to try front pocket carring. I have a PPK, PPS, and a G-27, all of which are either bulky, heavy or both. I really didn't want to go smaller than a 380. but will consider it. What would you suggest? My goal is to find the perfect front pocket gun, no holster, won't pull you pants down and not so bulky that others will notice. Thanks

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    I pocket a Kahr PM9 in a Nemesis very comfortably. As for .380, the Ruger LCP is a nice option.

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    I have a Ruger LCP in an Uncle Mike's front pocket holster and love this setup. It is comfortable, doesn't print and easily accessible...
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    I use a Diamondback .380 as a BUG and use a High Noon Mr. Softy IWB most of the time. That said there are times when I throw it in a High Noon Pocket Grabber in the front pocket and it works well in a loose cut of pants.
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    I carry an LCP in my front right pocket. It is one of the most easily pocket carried guns available. But, I highly recommend using a holster. I have two RKBA leather holsters that I use consistently.

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    Uncle Mike pocket holster and a S@W 642 revolver. It just works for me. I too have trouble carrying my glock.

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    I also front pocket carry an LCP. I'm using a Blackhawk pocket holster.,82,34.htm

    For heavier guns... try cargo pants/shorts with a good gun belt.
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    RKBA here too for my P238. The combo works great in the front pocket

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    The trick is to go FLAT and LIGHT.

    The Glock ain't gonna work, sorry, too thick.

    I pocket a Kel-Tec P32, but the P3AT, LCP, the P380, PM9 are also good candidates.

    The best pocket holster I've found is the DeSantis Nemesis.
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    I front pocket carry a DB .380 with an Elite pocket holster. I prefer my DB in an inside the waistband holster also made by Elite.

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    The trick I've found is to have good cargo shorts/pants with nice deep pockets.
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    The most difficulty I've had with front pocket carry is that it is a really bad idea to slip the car keys in the same pocket-- something which is natural to do. Next thing that is important is to make sure the holster will stay put. Use velcro, sticky tape, diaper pin, whatever works.

    Third issue, important or not depending on your most likely bad hair day scenario, you can't draw when seated in a car with the seat belt on.

    Solution, one in rt front pocket and one in ankle holster on left leg.

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    Kel Tec PF9 in a BlackHawk #4 pocket holster. Literally disappears!
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    I carry an LCP or a S&W 649 357 in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster. The 357 is a little heavy but not so much as to not carry.

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    I use a fist #5 kydex for my PM9. Locks nice and tight on the gun, add no thickness and has a thumb push to make sure the holster stays in your pocket. I wouldn't front pocket carry without a holster.

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