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Is it true that the longer you carry, the less you carry?

This is a discussion on Is it true that the longer you carry, the less you carry? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I started out carrying a Keltec P-40, then a Keltec PF-9, then a Steyr S-40, and now a Springfield XD9SC. At other times, I've carried ...

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Thread: Is it true that the longer you carry, the less you carry?

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    I started out carrying a Keltec P-40, then a Keltec PF-9, then a Steyr S-40, and now a Springfield XD9SC. At other times, I've carried a Bersa Thunder 380 and a Taurus 617 as temporary weapons.

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    I'm 59 and have carried a 4" barreled gun since I started carrying about 15 years ago. Have a new gun due in on Monday, and it is a 4" 1911.
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    Been carrying for 35 yrs. The longer I carry the more I carry, due to conditioning myself to put it on and knowing how to conceal with weather changes etc. You will get good at it if you consistantly carry.
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    I'm sure the newness wears off and complacency creeps in with many folks, just like anything new and exciting. I know at times it can be a chore to arm and dress around your gun but how much of a burden this is I'm sure depends on the person. Some are religious about it and I'm sure some just let it go by the wayside after a while.
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    I am in the 5th grade and been carryin since the doctor slapped me and said, "who ee mama it's a double XL".
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    I have given it great thought. I have considered pocket guns but I don't care for the sights, the availability of the lesser sized 380 or the feel of experience. I like to carry the biggest gun and caliber that I can conceal and tolerate.
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    The size gun I carry depends on where I'm going, what I'm doing, and the attire. I've got everything from hog legs to pocket rockets to fit whatever need I have.
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    Everyone has their own rationale for carrying what they do and they have to decide on the compromises they are willing to make. I've carried a number of guns over the last 20+ years but the main guns I've carried in progression were a 3" Md. 66, Colt 5" 1911, G22, G27 and now a G19 for the last 4 years or so. Although there are times when it's the only option, I'm not comfortable carrying a pocket pistol as my EDC. I kinda figure if I'm going to carry a gun, it may as well be something I'm confident in. I don't see that changing soon but ask the same question in another 20 years and maybe I'll answer different.
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    Read Mas Ayoob's " Letter to a rookie". He says that the longer an officer is on duty, the more complacient they become. That most fatalities are among officers that have served around 7 to 11 years. 99% of the population obey the law, but what happens when you run into that 1%?. As for me, I just went back this summer to my 16 year old G 21, and my 14 year old G19.

    I know I will be back to one of my Government models accompained by, a Kimber Pro, or Sig Sauer C3 in the near future. YES, SINCE LAST NOVEMBER I STARTED CARRYING 2 GUNS!!

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    I find that as I ungracefully grow in age that my preference is for larger and more handguns, not less and smaller.

    When I started packin' a gun I was happy with a J-frame. Now I won't leave the house without one that can be used for "duty use" and a second smaller gun, and sometimes even a third. The more I see, the less I believe in the goodness of the human person.


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    I have not been carrying long compared to most here (16 years)....but I carry based on where I'm going and how I'm dressed. That is, EDC P229 or my Sunday ankle gun: MK9.
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    Well, I remember on one of the Gun TV shows - I think it was Tom Gresham that basically stated that everybody that loves the 1911 really packs a S&W J-Frame .38 for daily/everyday carry.

    Sorry Tom but, I usually daily carry either a Colt Commander or a SIG P220 and that would be near bout every day.

    On a few days I've carried a S&W "J" and never felt unarmed having it on my person but, I honestly prefer a semi-automatic format firearm.

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    I think it's a matter of commitment and whether or not it's part of a lifestyle which you live. I carry hi-capacity pistols and more than one. It is rarely uncomfortable thanks to good holsters, belts and clothing style. When it does become uncomfortable, I merely deal with it and go on knowing I live a lifestyle where preparedness is the order of the day.

    It's an extremely personal thing and everyone has their own level of commitment.
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    I've been carrying for well over twenty years and to a degree your question kinda applies to me. I started out as a very fit young man with a 32" waist 200lbs, and ten foot tall and bullet proof. After many years of carry and living a good life, both those numbers are climbing up the tape and scale. Back then it was easy to carry the all steel pistols of various sizes and thicknesses, nowadays not so much fun. On the good side of that scale is ending up with a safe full of various makes and calibers. What I've found after years of CC is, I really like the .380 offerings out there. A lot of folks scoff at the round and say it's just not enough, but I for one have seen what it's capable of, and IMB it's enough for me if applied correctly.

    Like GM10 said, It boils down to a necessity vs comfort thing, and for me I lean towards the comfort for my cc needs. For the most part I don't go into places where I put my family or myself in danger and if it somehow finds me, I'll meet it with around 40 rounds of .380 +p JHP and hard cast buffalo bore launched by two quality pocket pistols that I was carrying, and carrying very comfortably BTW. Fact is, I've been in a position where I was forced to pull my pistol and the fact that I had A pistol changed the situation drastically in my favor without even a clear presentation, or shot being fired. Point being, when the chips are down and the BGs are being opposed, the intended victim having a firearm is a big deterrent regardless of caliber. Obviously that's not how they'll all go down, but nowadays the 9mm offerings out there offer a excellent trade off for the caliber vs size/weight conundrum.

    During these extremely hot days I've been carrying my PPK as my primary and my Sig P238 as my pocket BUG loaded with the hottest and best ammo I can find. IMO, the BUG ranks higher than the larger caliber if it's the only pistol/revolver you carry. I feel better armed if I have a BUG on me as apposed to just a primary carry pistol no matter what the caliber is. IMO, if one goes down for what ever reason having a back up that can use the same ammo is a good thing.


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    I'm not a great fan of "change". As a result, being 63 years old, and having carried a 1911 with a 4" barrel since 1970, I will continue to do so. I rotate my carry 1911's between Colts, Kimbers (pre series II), Dan Wessons, and Sigs.
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