what do u think?

what do u think?

This is a discussion on what do u think? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; im thinking about tradeing my SP101 357mag for a sig 226 9mm navy model good idea or bad idea?i have several glocks and only 1 ...

View Poll Results: trade my sp101 357 mag for a sig 226 navy 9mm

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Thread: what do u think?

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    what do u think?

    im thinking about tradeing my SP101 357mag for a sig 226 9mm navy model good idea or bad idea?i have several glocks and only 1 revolver my father talks so much about his sig p250 that now i want one but i dont have the cash to buy it but sp101 is a forsure trade in item for most gunshops but i have had several regrets from trading and the sig is brand new the ruger has had about 75 rds through it
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    I voted no, BUT,

    you could have filled in a few blanks to help in the decision.
    Do you own any semi-autos already?
    How many revolvers do you already have?
    Would this be for CC?

    Personally, I'd keep it and work up to the Sig, unless you have a lot of handguns already and all things being equal.JMHO

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    Do NOT part with he Ruger, you'll be very sorry later.
    Get the Sig by other means, extra job for the wife, sell a child (), something, but wait until you can afford it.
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    You don't need to know
    I'd trade in a hearbeat, the Sig is worth more $$$ and a much better choice for self defense.
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    I've regretted getting rid of many firearms. It always seems like a good idea when you're hot for something new. Especially a Sig 226 which is a beautiful handgun. I would try to save up for it instead of dumping the Ruger.
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    Depending of how much you have to pay, if the SIG is in very good shape then I should do it right way.
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    as much as I love Sig, I say keep the 101. Everyone should have at least one good quality revolver, and unless you were one of a tiny number of unfortunates, you have a real keeper with the 101. That said, it would be a toss up in my opinion if you were already adequately stocked with other handguns.


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    Tell us why you believe it would be a good trade.
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    If you want it then go for it. Sounds like a good deal. You can always spring for another Ruger at some future point in time.
    Try to shoot the SIG first if possible.

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    As other's have said, too little info, however, you probably already know that you almost never get a good value for your gun when trading. Especially with gun shops. In fact, most gun shops make out like a bandit on trades. For that reason alone I'd say hang on to it. Most people (like me :)) trade because it's easier or it's faster or some combination of the two. Both are excellent guns although very different. I only trade when I feel like I'm getting at least an okay deal and when I'm absolutely sure that I don't care for the weapon I'm trading off.

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    Save your pennies and get a Sig later...
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    [QUOTE=sgb;1727874]I'd trade in a hearbeat, the Sig is worth more $$$ and a much better choice for self defense.[/QUOTE]

    I strongly disagree... A .357mag round vs. 9mm???? I would stick with the Ruger... a Good wheel gun is well, just that.... Save up and get the Sig later....
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    Get the Sig now...buy another Ruger later...you seem like an auto guy by your inventory.
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    If this was my decision to make I would keep the Ruger and save for the Sig.

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    Might just be me but I'd rather have the SIG!
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