Wife Wants an LCR!

This is a discussion on Wife Wants an LCR! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; "We need to start thinking about Christmas" was her comment as we wandered up to the glass counter containing many handguns at Gander Mountain. (Hint, ...

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Thread: Wife Wants an LCR!

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    Thumbs up Wife Wants an LCR!

    "We need to start thinking about Christmas" was her comment as we wandered up to the glass counter containing many handguns at Gander Mountain. (Hint, hint!)

    She was drooling over the Ruger LCR with the Laser Sight fastened to the grip but lamented that it was only .38spl and she wants a .357 magnum. The guy said that they might be getting the .357's in sometime.

    She already has the LCP .380 but wants a small revolver to carry. I have read some bad reviews about the recoil issue with light weight wheelies and the .357 cartridge. Anyone care to help me make a decision on getting just .38spl or do I go for her wish and power up to the .357?

    She has fired the .357 in my S&W Model 19 but it's a much larger hand gun and the recoil wasn't a factor.
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    I had a S&W Mod. 66 in .357; rather large for a snub, recoil pretty strong but not painful. However, neither the stock grips or the Packmyers would work for me, both cut my hand w/ the .357 ammo. My LCR (.38) also cut my hand with the CT Laser Grips so I put the Hogue grips on it and what a joy to shoot! If she can handle a J-frame in .357; the larger LCR should be ok but the Hogue grips may be better.

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    I don't like shooting today's watered down .357 loads in J-frames and the scandium versions are even worse. Firing full power loads through them is only fun when watching others do it. I can't imagine a .357 LCR to be much better.
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    I'd stay with the 38. The 357 only weighs about 3 oz more and I can't even imagine shooting magnums out of it. 38 +P's would be sufficient for social work. I love mine!

    Start shopping now and buy when you find a really good deal and give it to her right away so she can enjoy it. At Christmas give her a box or 2 of ammo with a card that reminds her that Christmas came early. (you know that's gonna work, right?)
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    Ruger SP 101 in .357 and a crimson trace laser grip. Speer Gold Dot 135 grain short barrel ammo. Just my .02.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old School View Post
    Ruger SP 101 in .357
    ...with a 2" barrel, and she can start with light .38's, work her way up to the .357 for SD.
    She'll have a tank for the rest of her life.
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    I just got the 357 version LCR to compliment my .38 LCR. I was more than a bit nervous to touch off the first maggie in the 17 oz LCR as I closed the first full cylinder... NOT bad at all! It really isnt that much different than the torque and flip with the Gold Dot SB 135+p out of my 38spl LCR with CT grips. You are just getting an extra 200-300 fps out of a slightly heavier bullet!

    I ran around 100 rounds total. 50/50 38's and 357's. I did shoot about 1/2 a box of Remmy UMC 125gr JSP's, those SUCKED. I mean bad! My support hand thumb was high and out of the way and it still got burnt, literally. As I type this, i can still see little black "chips" under my skin. And, no, my thumb was nowhere near the gap. Those suckers had to be near full house loads.

    My carry load is Corbon DPX 125 gr. They are mid range, but very controllable and low flash. The nice part of DPX is you dont have to drive them super fast to get them to perform like more conventional jhp's.

    Just need to get my XS front sight ordered and am still on the fence re a CTC grip on this 357...

    I really think the polymer lower helps dampen the recoil....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Old School View Post
    Ruger SP 101 in .357 and a crimson trace laser grip. Speer Gold Dot 135 grain short barrel ammo. Just my .02.
    ************************************************** **********
    If you insist on the laser(I like the Mark 1 Eyeball myself)OK...but I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY with the rest of your $.02 !!
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    Good pick id just get it in .38 special though but I love the LCR.

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    I love my Ruger LCR in .38 special. As long as she WANTS to carry something, that is awesome. By the time XMAS rolls around, you will have a lot of field reports on the LCR in .357 to see if it is worth getting that over the .38 special.

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    My wife fell in love with the LCR after trying the trigger at a local gun store. Of all the J-frames and similar small revolvers, the LCR was the only one with a trigger that didn't cause my wife's hands to shake from the strain. I give the LCR two thumbs up for any female who just can't maintain accuracy due to the 12 pound triggers found on most small framed revolvers.

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    Nice picture above, how did you take that? I had no idea the LCR was coming out with a .357. My wife is looking for a revolver as well...these things are sharp looking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    ...with a 2" barrel, and she can start with light .38's, work her way up to the .357 for SD.
    She'll have a tank for the rest of her life.
    I could not agree more..

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    I'd say let her get what she wants.

    We never see threads called "help me pick out a gun for my son" or "what gun would be best for my husband". Maybe it's just statistics on gun users.

    Even if she makes a boo boo in the make and model, that itself is a growth experience. Live and learn. It's hard to have that "oh I get it" moment unless you try things and muddle through good and bad choices.

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    I have an LCR (.38) and love it. My wife says it hurts to shoot it (she's had carpel tunnel surgery on both wrists). She has no problem with larger guns like the SP101 and the GP100, so for her carry gun, she got an old S&W model 60 which is .38 only. All stainless and weighs about 20 oz.

    My LCR is 13.5 oz and from what I've read, the new LCR (.357) is supposed to be 4 oz heavier, putting it at 17.5 oz. Closer to the 20 oz mark of her model 60. I like the idea that the .357 version of the LCR will be made of stainless steel, not only the cylinder, but the frame around the bottom, the top strap, barrel, etc. The polymer will still be in the back end under the grip etc. This to me will make it a stronger gun to handle the .357 pressures, will add the 4 oz to its weight, but that will make .38's even easier to shoot in it.

    I say, wait and get her the .357 version. 4 oz is not a big deal with this gun. The stainless steel construction will be a plus. She can always download to .38's if she wants.
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