What is your Favorite Double Action Revolver??

What is your Favorite Double Action Revolver??

This is a discussion on What is your Favorite Double Action Revolver?? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Looking to buy a 357 revolver double action, would use for EDC. I would like a 3" barrel, 5 shot is ok 6 shot would ...

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Thread: What is your Favorite Double Action Revolver??

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    What is your Favorite Double Action Revolver??

    Looking to buy a 357 revolver double action, would use for EDC. I would like a 3" barrel, 5 shot is ok 6 shot would be better, quality is important, I will most likely keep the revolver for my life time.

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    Ruger SP101
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    3" ruger sp101, you can shoot it everyday for your lifetime and the next and it will never wear out. I carry the 3" myself and love it.

    Or if you can find one a 3" colt detective special. Theirs so many good choices for DA revolvers.
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    It is not the most "size efficient" but I like the 3" S&W 686. It is hard to go wrong with just about any model from S&W or Ruger.
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    Here are 3 of my favorites for carry: Left to right S&W 686+, Ruger SP101, and S&W Model 10 with 3" barrel 38Spl.
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    Ruger SP101...

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    I'd say a 3" 686 or GP100.

    Truly, the answer to the best is a Colt 3" Combat Python...but since they start around $10K, it may not be something you want to EDC...
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    S&W, Model 27, 3-1/2". While not like leaves on the ground, thay can be found at fairly reasonable prices with some diligence. Barring that, a GP100 3"

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    Earlier this year I acquired a S&W Model 60 Pro Series. It's a beautiful revolver - small enough to comfortably carry, big enough to be a very effective personal or home defense weapon...

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    Ruger SP101 is hard to beat. Great firearm and a good value. Durable and reliable. Mine is the 2.25" barrel version, but I'd rather have the 3" version. Any of the S&W revolvers meeting your criteria are going to be great as well (I have 2 S&W revolvers), but all things considered the SP101 gets my vote.
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    S&W Model 19. Just something about 'em...
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    Ruger Speed Six - built to last several lifetimes.
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    No gun collection is complete without one S&W 686. Probably the finest 357 mag ever made. Second would be my model 60, and then my 629 44 mag. S&W make some of the finest wheel guns ever made. Not so fond about their semi autos.

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    The Smith & Wesson K-Frame. Nothing any better.

    That is I like the "traditional" ones built prior to the introduction of MIM parts, two piece barrels, frame mounted firing pins, and the loathsome lock.

    I like 'em as 2-inch snubs or as 8 3/8-inch barreled target revolvers. I like 'em with fixed sights or adjustable. I like 'em in .22 Long Rifle, to .357 Magnum and all the cartridges in between.

    My personal favorite is a 4-inch Model 10 Heavy Barrel. A really good K-Frame for carry purposes is one of the 2 1/2-inch, 3-inch, or 4-inch .357 Magnum models available with either fixed or adjustable sights in carbon or stainless steel.

    The following models are all built on the Smith & Wesson K-Frame. I'd like to have 'em all.

    Models: (carbon steel unless otherwise noted)

    10 .38 Special Military & Police (fixed sights) predecessor M&P Model also chambered for .32-20
    11 .38 S&W Military & Police (fixed sights)
    12 .38 Special Military & Police Airweight (fixed sights, w/alloy frame)
    13 .357 Magnum Military & Police (fixed sights)
    14 .38 Special K-38 Masterpiece (adjustable sights)
    15 .38 Special Combat Masterpiece (adjustable sights)
    16 .32 S&W Long, later .32 H&R Magnum K-32 Masterpiece (adjustable sights)
    17 .22 LR K-22 Masterpiece (adjustable sights)
    18 .22 LR Combat Masterpiece (adjustable sights)
    19 .357 Magnum Combat Magnum (adjustable sights)
    45 .22 LR Military & Police (fixed sights)
    48 .22 WMRF K-22 Master piece (adjustable sights)
    53 .22 Jet, a centerfire cartridge, (adjustable sights)
    64 .38 Special Military & Police Stainless Steel (fixed sights)
    65 .357 Magnum Military & Police Stainless Steel (fixed sights)
    66 .357 Magnum Combat Magnum Stainless Steel (adjustable sights)
    67 .38 Special Combat Masterpiece Stainless Steel (adjustable sights)
    68 .38 Special Stainless Steel (adjustable sights) California Highway Patrol model (effectively same as Model 67)
    547 9mm Military & Police (fixed sights)

    I'm unfamiliar with the Custom Shop Creations, Nightguard series, or any models manufactured after the introduction of the lock.
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