Thinking of going all Glock, all the time.

This is a discussion on Thinking of going all Glock, all the time. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Went to the range this week with my Kimber Ultra CDP II, my Sig P226, and my recently-purchased Glock 19 - all 9mm. I thought ...

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Thread: Thinking of going all Glock, all the time.

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    Thinking of going all Glock, all the time.

    Went to the range this week with my Kimber Ultra CDP II, my Sig P226, and my recently-purchased Glock 19 - all 9mm.

    I thought I had finally worked the early FTF bugs out of my Kimber, and it was back in the carry rotation. However, this trip, I started with FTEs - a new problem. The tap-rack-bang doesn't work if there's a fired cartridge stuck in battery. My wife's Aegis II has been flawless, and that's why I bought the CDP. However, I am getting annoyed with it.

    Since I got the Glock 19 for my birthday, it has become my EDC. No hiccups ever. Same with the P226, although the P226 is a bit on the heavy and large side for an EDC. My wife usually carries her S&W 642 and it has been, as expected, rock solid.

    I am thinking about ditching my Kimber (will keep the wife's), and going all Glock. I am looking to get a G26 next.

    I don't want a new hobby - I want a rock-solid, reliable EDC and HD set-up here at home. The Glock doesn't shoot near as sweet as the Kimber, but I am getting dialed-in with it, and it's as accurate as I am.

    I love the P226 with the SRT and beavertail grip as it melts into my hand, and shoots really smooth, even that first DA shot. It's a keeper.

    However, I think it's time to cut bait, and the Kimber isn't making the grade. The Glock has really impressed me - especially given the price.

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    Can't go wrong carrying a Glock as your EDC! Good choice!

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    Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

    Quote - "The Glock doesn't shoot near as sweet as the Kimber," except when the Kimber doesn't shoot at all.

    If your Glock is more reliable than your particular Kimber, then the decision is a no-brainer.

    Good luck!
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    So......... Is your post an actual question? What should you do? Who thinks you should do what? Or what?
    I'm glad the Glock(s) have impressed you actually. Not from my standpoint...but from yours. I won't go on much about it. Thing is........ditching the Kimber. What does that mean actually? Ready to throw it in the nearest lake? Dang! If I had a Kimber, at least I would fondle it every week. If it wasn't totally reliable for me, it would be a great range gun and my project gun. I don't have any "project guns" right now, but one would be nice to have. I totally understand the reliability aspect for a carry pistol. I think you've found what I have known for a long time with the Glocks.
    I absolutely love the 45acp though. I don't think I'll ever be without one. That's why I have a SIG P220 SAO. Talk about large for an EDC.
    You do what you want with the Kimber. It could probably see your way into a couple of Glocks on trade (depending).
    Keywords for you to mull over:
    The Glock doesn't shoot near as sweet as the Kimber
    So...where's the end of the rainbow? (where you're going to throw your Kimber into the lake)?
    Granted, there does come a point in time when we cut our losses. Nothing wrong with that. We all know when it's time. Best of luck to you.

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    No questions here - simply musings. When I say "ditch" the Kimber, I doubt it'll end up in the lake next to that sand wedge of mine.

    It's a beautiful gun, but I don't trust it now for an EDC. I am sure someone with more experience than I will be happy to acquire it, and perhaps make it the reliable, sweet-shooting piece it yearns to be.

    I had to think about why I acquired the firearms I have, and make some decisions. if I keep it, it will need to fired, cleaned, tinkered with, protected, and kept locked up when the kids are around. It sounds like too much hassle for gun I currently don't trust as a carry piece.

    Not to mention, compared to a Glock or my P226, it's a PITA to clean. Almost as bad my Ruger Mk III.

    So, I'm simply thinking of trading it off, and going to Glockland.

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    I keep trying to do the same thing but, every once in a while, something catches my eye. I was trying to rid myself of .45s but ended up trading into a TLE II. So much for that plan!
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    Variety of guns is nice, but there is nothing wrong with standardization. I have been in and out of Glocks for years and came back to them with a Glock 29. Love the 10mm. In fact, I have two now.

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    Over the past couple of years with the exception of my pocket carry S&W 442 and a Ruger LCP, I've gone to Glock for my duty, off duty, and competition pistols. My Glock 23,27, 30SF, and 34 are all set up with 3.5lb. connectors and NY1 trigger springs. I like having the same manual of arms with all my carry pistols and not having to worry about double to single action transitions in stressfull situations.

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    my edc is a glock 26 or a glock 30 and they are both great subcompacts
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    I love variety. I'll even concede that there's nothing romantic about a Glock. But I just can't think of a better EDC platform. It is purely function-focused.

    Honestly, I enjoy shooting SA/DA revolvers and 1911's more, but the Glock is what goes out the door with me in the morning. There's no other handgun that I'd prefer to have when defending myself against a two-legged predator.
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    I have also went back to the Dark Side and carry my Glock 29 SF.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    How about you get rid of the kimber and get a P229. Then you would have two fine guns,and a glock.

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    Today I went to the range with my Glock 22 40 cal. I now have a new EDC. Really shot great compared to my S&W I was using for my EDC. The Smith will be in my bedside table for HD now. I am now a Glock believer even if I do still want a 1911 like I carried in the military. I guess we just never have enough guns no matter what we carry.
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    To me everything you say makes since. I mean it's to bad that the Kimber is not reliable enough to be your everyday carry. If the glock is? Then thats what you shold do. The most important factor in a everyday carry gun is reliability. While you say the Glock dosen't shoot as sweet as the Kimber. I'm sure it's combat accurate enough to hit targets that you are shooting at. I know my Glock 23 is.

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    I have to say, although my Glock 22 hasn't made it to EDC for size and location of holster reasons, it has spoiled the experience of hunting for any other more concealable gun. I like everything about the Glock, but the compact and subcompact just don't feel so hot in my hand and that's something I'm not (yet. still hoping to find a concealable also-ran) willing to compromise on. But, everything else about how the Glock feels and functions totally spoils me for just about every other gun. So, man, I hear you. Going Glock... not a mistake. Virtually guaranteed (in my granted limited experience) to be a personal trend-maker. For me, the trend is to find a new crush, research it, love it, evaluate it, get my hands on it, possibly get as far as shooting it, and go back to Glock-love. Lather, rinse, repeat.
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