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Sip p238 pocket carry and fuzz, need a pocket gun

This is a discussion on Sip p238 pocket carry and fuzz, need a pocket gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thanks for all the thoughts. The Diamondback should be on my list but I can't even find one locally to hold, let alone shoot. And ...

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Thread: Sip p238 pocket carry and fuzz, need a pocket gun

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    Thanks for all the thoughts. The Diamondback should be on my list but I can't even find one locally to hold, let alone shoot. And holsters seem to be sparse. But it would have been a good one to look at. I have shot both the LCP and p238 and at the range there is no comparison, the 238 wins hands down. Defensively they likely cover the same basis. My concern was cocked and locked being more susceptible to lint from the pocket but sounds like with a little care that shouldn't be an issue.

    Going to go handle a bodyguard 380 tomorrow but unless I love it I have a p238 black with rosewood grips and factory night sights on hold for 24 hours. :-)

    I have a J-frame (642) already but it just seems bulkier to me.

    Thanks again!

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    Finally got this one running right

    But usually just go up a step and carry one of these...
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    I have read a lot of bad reports about the new 380 from Sig. I sure hope they get the problem resolved. There have been a flood of new 380's in the past couple years. I still have not held one that I would ever trade my NAA Guardians for. I have one in 380acp and one in 32 that has had some custom work done to it. Neither of them get much carry time since I have found my ultimate pocket gun, the S&W 649. But when I have to wear slacks the wheel gun is just to bulky, so I pull the Guardian out of the safe. They ride in a Nemisis Holster. The round in 380acp that I will carry in a SD role are the Gold Dots by BB. Better ballistics than a 38 special Hydrashok, and all of my 380's love them. Of course I still have the beautiful Sig P232SL, which I think is one of the sexiest pistols ever made, sorry to say it doesn't get carried that often. Hope you decide on which pocket gun is right for you.
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    I have been pocket-carrying a P238 daily now for almost a year, in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster. While there is a tendency to collect lint, it is actually much less than I expected. A quick unolad followed by a going over with a Q-tip every week or so seems to do the job. That plus regular monthly cleanings or after going to the range seems to do the trick. Speaking of range trips, during the last trip to the range I shot the P238 after it had not been cleaned for a couple of weeks. It functioned flawlessly. I intentionally let it collect lint because I wanted to test how that might effect reliability.

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    My pocket carry gun is the NAA Guardian in .32ACP. It is DAO and has no safety or hammer to worry about. It fits very comfortably in my back pocket and is quick to draw and shoot. BTW, it also comes in .380.
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    The Sig 238 and the Kahr PM9 are the same size with 7 rounds of 9MM +P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by automatic slim View Post
    My pocket carry gun is the NAA Guardian in .32ACP. It is DAO and has no safety or hammer to worry about. It fits very comfortably in my back pocket and is quick to draw and shoot. BTW, it also comes in .380.
    I agree the NAA is a perfect pocket carry, mine is the 32naa caliber. The sig 238 rides IWB as I find its just a bit big for the pocket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GotCBOB View Post
    mastercapt- Is the Colt Mustang firing just like a 1911? If so why do you carry hammer down and safety off? The likely hook of having a AD carrying like that is a lot higher then just carrying cock and safety on. I know if you drop a 1911 with the hammer down and one in the chamber it can go off even with the safety on.
    The P238 has afiring pin safety that will not allow the firing pin to contact the primer unless the trigger is pulled.

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    The 238 is a great 380. Carrying condition 1 should be no problem. The safety on mine is very positive.

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    My thoughts on the 238 v LCP

    I will never carry a gun that REQUIRES a safety...

    Here's what I mean, the p238 has to be carried hammer back to be cocked and locked. To safely do this, you must have the safety on (in my opinion). The other option is to carry it safety off, hammer down, and pull the hammer back when you need to defend yourself. This is just as bad as having to turn a safety off in my opinion. My friend owns one of these and it shoots easily in the hand, he has never had any failures with it. For some reason I've had several malfunctions with it and I have no idea why. Im not a novice shooter, and I know that its not my grip causing this.

    For me, the LCP is much better for discreet ccw. It has no safety but the trigger pull is plenty long to prevent a ND. If I am going to relegate myself to a 380 pistol, it needs to go in my pocket. IMO the p238 is too thick and heavy for my purposes (Roughly 9 ounces vs 15 ounces). The p238 is a much nicer pistol when we look at it out of context of my ccw needs, it just dosen't translate into reality for me. I guess I have shot the LCP enough that I can fire it fast and accurately. I also frequently shoot around 100 rounds through it in a single range session with no discomfort. The only other gun I carry is a Glock 26, I like that the LCP has the same trigger style as I want my carry guns to be as similar as possible in their function. The crimson trace laser is a must for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by sixplus1 View Post
    I think the Sig P238 is the perfect pocket gun. Of course I only know what works for me. I have learned a new habit of carrying my wallet in my rear left pocket. The sig goes in the right rear pocket in a soft Mikes #1. No lint problem. I go a technique of using a handkerchief to cover the top of the gun if it shows. It helps to get large enough pants so things don't get too tight. I carry this way everyday and the gun is out of sight and out of mind. Easy to draw. I don't carry locked and cocked. I spent enough time at the range practicing dropping the safety, dropping the hammer and shooting. It works for me. After sitting on my gun all week, occasionally, I find my mag released, so worth checking every couple days.
    Quote Originally Posted by mastercapt View Post
    I carry a Colt Mustang, and have for 18 yeras I've had it.
    I carry IWB or pocket. I have Uncle Mikes IWB and pocket holsters.
    I range practice 3-4 times a year and clean it afterwards. Never a malfunction.
    I carry hammer down, and safety off. I've trained to draw it with my hand off the trigger and cock it at the same time.
    Note: I am a smaller guy, 5-7. I carry concealed with shorts of jeans, because of the Souths heat. Last week, I made a 12 hour trip from Orlando to Virgina and back over 4 days. The gun was in my pocket while out of the vehicle and in the console of the SUV when riding/driving. There were two of us in the vehicle and we stopped every hour to swap drivers. Almost all the rest stops had a LEO there. Was not made. I think that's what you are looking for. If you believe the 380 is inadaquate, take a 1 gallon milk type jug, fill it with water and shoot it with a hydrashok. This will remove doubts about the ability to do the job. Yes, I know a 9, 10, or 45 is better, but theres a limit to what I can conceal. Fisrt rule of a gunfight: have a gun. next rule: no second place winners.
    I carry my Colt Pocketlite in condition 2, in my front right or rear right pocket in a leather pocket holster. I practice drawing and cocking the gun. It seems very natural. The way I dress, pocket carry is my only option, and it allows me to carry all the time unless I enter a restricted area. Waistband just doesn't work for me. I see guns on other people when they carry on their belt. It's amazing how easy it is to see if you look for it. A bump on the back of your hip just isn't natural, a full pocket is.
    I like being able to have the gun in hand, furtively. You can't do that if the gun is on your belt.

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    I have been enjoying my Remington RM 380. Eats any ammo without a hitch and is sooo comfortable in front pocket.

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    I have both the 238 and 938. I carry one or the other every day. I also have the body guard and prefer the 238 over it. Cocked and lock is the way its supposed to be carried. its just a small 1911 or close to it.
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