What's the Real Advantage of the XDm 3.8?

This is a discussion on What's the Real Advantage of the XDm 3.8? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm going to buy an XDm in the coming months and was wondering what the true advantage of the cut-down 3.8 version is. It seems ...

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Thread: What's the Real Advantage of the XDm 3.8?

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    What's the Real Advantage of the XDm 3.8?

    I'm going to buy an XDm in the coming months and was wondering what the true advantage of the cut-down 3.8 version is.

    It seems like a compact pistol that was rushed to the market and never got finished where the grip is concerned. Sure, you save an inch on the length, but the height of the gun is the same. You'd thing that the gun would have been properly patterned after the base XD line of compact pistols where the grip was cut down and could be brought up to full size with an extended magazine.

    Anyway, if you were going to carry an XDm-40 in a SuperTuck IWB holster, would there be any real comfort advantage (or any other advantage for that matter) in getting the 3.8 version of the gun?
    In the Marine Corps I carried one of the standard Beretta M9 service pistols in a traditional duty holster. Now it's a 1911 in a SuperTuck. I'm glad for the upgrade.

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    The ONLY advantage I see in any gun that's shorter is that it's a little easier to conceal in an outside the waistband holster under a t shirt or button down. Not worth it to me to give up 50 to 75 fps for a little less length.

    I have a few Sigs. The 226 is my favorite, but the 229 is really nice as well. The grip is a little shorter, but not much, and it's about .6" shorter. If I carry one of the Sigs, it's the 226, and that's outside the waistband mostly.

    I'm not a big guy, but I like to carry full size guns. It's very hot here in South Texas and I wear jeans or casual pants and a t-shirt or button down, usually pretty fitted clothing, no problems at all. I think a lot of issues people have with carrying larger guns is the feeling that people can tell.

    If you carry inside the waistband, there's little reason to go shorter. Some have issues with the muzzle poking them or when they sit, it causes the grip to push inward towards your body, and for some, that can be a problem. Again, not something I've experienced, and I carry everything from 1911's, a Glock 17, a 226 and my M&P.

    Some guys, like me, prefer the balance of a Commander 1911 over a 5" Government sized 1911. Even though I prefer the Commanders, that's not the case with the Sigs, Glocks, M&Ps or even my limited experience with the XD(m). Of course, everyone's opinion will vary.
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    i dont know about what advantage it has, but i have a XDm 3.8 in 9mm and it is a great gun. it is very accurate and never jams. it is also very comfortable to shoot. i have normal sized hands and my shooting buddy has monster hands and we both feel like it fits the hand great. just thought id throw that out there.

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    well for me when i carry the appendix style teh barrel does not stick out as much as the full size. but i can conceal both really easy i have the 3.8 because it weight less and for edc weight is a big factor for me.

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    weight is the only advantage IMO I would rather carry 1 less round and keep the 4.5
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