Anyone own an M&P and FN ?

Anyone own an M&P and FN ?

This is a discussion on Anyone own an M&P and FN ? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm looking for some good feedback from people who have had actual experience owning both of these pistols.It's taken me alot of time narrowing the ...

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Thread: Anyone own an M&P and FN ?

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    Anyone own an M&P and FN ?

    I'm looking for some good feedback from people who have had actual experience owning both of these pistols.It's taken me alot of time narrowing the field down to these two pistols.
    I'm purchasing it for my primary self defense pistol,it's going to be my first polymer pistol,I know the FN is a little lighter of the two and is DA?SA not stryker,but which one actually has the better trigger?I know for under $100 you can buy the Apex kit for the M&P does this give the M&P a far better trigger overall? OR for about the same money can the same be done for the FN?Which is More Accurate or are the equal?Does the higher bore axis/hand relationship of FN compared to the MP really make for that much felt recoil between the two that it would effect followup shoots as others have said?Can anyone tell me if the newer FN's are made now so that the top rear part of slide can be screwed off so that adapter plates for red dot scopes are easily attached?For those who owned both which is the better pistol in your best opinon.I've been shooting for many years,so I know all about DA/SA versus stryker fired system,I just need some feed back from owners of both on which they felt was the better of the two over all if they feel that's possible or are they that close. Thanks . Does look like the M&P has alot more going for it in aftermarket parts IE.holsters, Sights ,triggers.

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    I own the M&P40 full size... it is sweet shooter low bore-axis is better for time on target... I HAVE NOT shot the FN I actually have been looking for a range to rent one... sorry.. And yes the Apex trigger job does make the trigger better... there is actually another thread going on the Apex right now. I have over 2000 rounds thru my M&P and the trigger is very crisp... the M&P is designed with you as the shooter in mind.. your hand fits exactly into the handgun like it should.. it really does "adjusts" to you via interchangeable palm-swells not you adjusting to it.
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    I have the FS M&P45, M&P9c and Browning Pro-9 which is essentially the FNP-9 model. With the Browning, you can carry cocked and locked like a 1911 and that's why I bought it at the time over the FNP-9. I'm not sure if the newer FN models now incorporate this feature or not but I was thinking the now do.

    Regarding recoil, it's not really fair to compare the three models I have since there is such a deviation in size and caliber. As all have a low bore axis, the difference between like calibers would be negligible and neither feel uncomfortable to shoot and are both very controllable.

    Accuracy would be a tie as both are very accurate (much more then me) but I feel I shoot the M&P better as I like the sights better. It does look like the FNX models incorporate different rear sights and I'm sure this would be an improvement over the FNP models. For me, the FNP sights are smaller and not as quick to pick up if that makes sense.

    On the triggers, comparing the DA FN trigger to the M&P then the nod goes to the M&P. The FN is quite a bit heavier but nowhere near a Sigma. The SA FN trigger definitely wins out and is better but it's no 1911 trigger. I don't have the APEX in either M&P but do plan on getting it for the .45 soon. I strongly feel this would give the FN's SA trigger a good run for it's money but the FN would still be lighter.

    I'm not sure I exactly follow you regarding attaching a red dot to the slide and to be honest, not sure why you would want to do that unless you have no intention on carrying the FN. If it's just going to be a home/nightstand gun, I think you would be better served attaching a light/laser combo to the rail. In the event you are wanting some form of red dot sight attached to the slide, any gunsmith could drill and tap holes on tope of the slide for mounts or you could have the slide milled for a Burris or similar red dot like FN has done with their FNP-45 Tactical (which I admit does look pretty cool).

    Now for my overall consensus and If I had to pick one or the other, I would go with the M&P. Only when it comes to the trigger does the FN really outshine the M&P. This could easily be remedied with the APEX kit and I really think after doing that and from what I've read would give the M&P a much better feeling trigger then the FN's. My main problem with the FN is the SA/DA trigger which I've come to realize that for me personally, isn't a very desirable platform. I don't care for the initial heavy pull of the DA followed up with a light SA pull. I would much rather have the consistancy from pull to pull like my 1911s or M&Ps as opposed to the FN. I also ride the safety on the FN like I do on my 1911s and on more than one occasion, this has caused me to inadvertantly decock the FN going back to DA mode when I'm anticipating a SA pull. This causes me to redirect my focus as now something isn't right in my mind. Although it doesn't really matter at the range, it could make a difference in a defensive scenario. Now if I changed my thumb position this wouldn't be an issue or if I shot it more and wasn't phased by this happening then no big deal but for me it is what it is. The other major plus to the M&P is it definitely has better after market support regarding holsters, sights and so forth as opposed the FN. Although it is getting a little better, I don't believe it will ever be near the options the M&P has. This is also a deciding factor in regards to which one I would pick.

    The FN is a great gun and it's too bad you don't see more feedback on it. You would be very happy with one as it's well made, accurate and extremely reliable. I have a friend that picked one up after shooting mine and their experience mirrors mine. I must say, you will be hard pressed to find a better polymer gun then the M&P especially in their price range. The have great ergonomics, accuracy and reliabilty plus a fantastic selection of accessories to chose from. They also have a certain appeal with their design that is eye catching and that's extremely hard to accomplish with a polymer weapon. I plan on adding a FS M&P9 and the M&P45c to my collection as I've come to really like this line and have been extremely impressed with them. Although the FN is nice and I have no regrets or complaints on it, I'm not as "driven" to get another like I am with the M&P models. Hope this helps some.
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    Not even a close contest, get the M&P. That long first round DA trigger pull of the FN kills the deal. I like the low bore axis as well.
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    Comparing these two firearms, depends on your own likes and dislikes. One is striker fired double action (M&P) and the other is SA/DA hammer fired.
    If price is a consideration, the nod goes to the FN. Two months ago, I paid $399 for my FNP-9 new; the S&W is quite a bit more. My FNP model allows me to carry it cocked and locked if I choose to, and it's lighter than the M&P.

    For me, the ergonomics of the FN are the best of any pistol I own.

    You can't go wrong with either, but I really prefer the FN.

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