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    I finally purchased my first handgun the other day. I turned 21 in December and graduated United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School about two weeks ago, so I had a little extra cash laying around...for once HAHA. I came across the gun I had been wanting, a Sig P228 chambered in 9mm and I got them down to $450 which I believed to be a steal for a used, mint condition weapon like that. I stripped it, inspected it, and did a few tests and everything is perfect so I am happy.

    My question now for you guys (and gals) would be: What kind of IWB holster would you recommend, like, and/or use? Any feedback and comments are welcome it'll make my decision that much easier.

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    Go with a Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro, you can wear it anyway you want to.
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    If you want to spend the money, Andrews Leather has some awesome IWB holsters. Also, I've been very happy with the holster dukalmighty made for me and he's got VERY fair prices for custom made leather holsters.

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    Crossbreed Super Tuck! graduated Quantico in 1992...congratulations.

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    Congrats on the gun and the graduation too!

    There's so many it's difficult to suggest only one. The Supertuck will be among the favorites, but you sure take some time reviewing what the makers offer and at what prices to narrow down some choices. Good ones can be found over a wide price range. Shouldn't have any problem fitting a SIG.
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    As I am sure you already know, it is a great achievement to become a commissioned officer in the USMC. The P228 is a spectacular weapon. I EDC a G23, but my 228 get the nod sometimes too. It makes me a better shooter I wholeheartedly believe. I suggest a HBE Com III, a UBG Canute or a Desbiens IWB #2. I carry mine in a Mitch Rosen Premier or a Galco Summer Special. My G23 rides in a Com III thats why I recommend it.
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    Congrats on the gun and on the graduation
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    WELCOME to the site. CONGRATULATIONS LT on your recent graduation. Keep in mind this is from an Ol' Dog Face paratrooper and NCO!(LOL!). As for that SIG look into a Milt Sparks Summer Special(have one for my Colt OM), or some pickings from Mitch Rosen or Alessi. These are top-shelf holster guys(others out there too)that will carry that SIG well. Good Luck with your branch school. What are you going to be? Infantry,Intell, Aviation?
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    Congratulations on your first pistol!
    Holsters? I couldn't tell you.

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    Kholster. Ultra adjustable, highly comfortable - works great and cheaper than a Crossbreed.
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    Sorry, can't help you on the holster, but congratulations on your first handgun and for graduating from OCS. Thank you for your service!
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    Nice first pistola!
    For a holster, shop in here...
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    Congratulations on graduation and the handgun. I carry a P228 everyday, all day IWB with a CrossBreed SuperTuck Deluxe in horsehide. It's what works for me. Very adjustable, very comfortable, not very attractive but it gets the job done. Don't forget a good gun belt! It makes a difference. Cross Breed makes a nice one. So do alot of other forum sponsors. My "go to" belt has become the Wilderness 5-stitch Instructor's belt. Good Luck and Welcome to the forum.

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