Narrowed down to either Sig 238 or Diamondback's why:

Narrowed down to either Sig 238 or Diamondback's why:

This is a discussion on Narrowed down to either Sig 238 or Diamondback's why: within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have the cash, I have located both specimens and priced them at several LGS and on-line. All I need is some assurance that my ...

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Thread: Narrowed down to either Sig 238 or Diamondback's why:

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    Narrowed down to either Sig 238 or Diamondback's why:

    I have the cash, I have located both specimens and priced them at several LGS and on-line. All I need is some assurance that my decision process is not flawed. Here goes:

    I need a deep-cover auto. No need to offer a snub .38 into the mix, I know I want an auto (flatter, easier to conceal for my needs, and happy with the .380 ammo available for SD). I have narrowed the field to
    1. Sig 238: proven platform, ultra-small and has a great track record of being dependable, accurate and pleasant to shoot. Not very particular about the ammo it feeds, and priced at $499 (Academy Sports)
    2. Diamondback 380: very similar to the Glock platform, disassembles the same as Glock, about 3 seconds to field strip with no tools or prying. Newer on the market, but has strong reviews for all but 3 brands of ammo. Lifetime warranty. Priced at $319 (Academy Sports)

    I have read both positive and negative reviews, as is expected with smaller deep-cover weapons. However, I do feel ammo selection and proper break-in resolve 90% of the posted complaints. Both companies are said to have excellent Customer service. I prefer the DAO features of the DB. No safeties to deal with, just rack the slide and pull the trigger. Carrying a deep-cover firearm cocked and locked makes me pretty nervous, regardless of how positive the safety on the Sig engages.

    That reason alone has me picking the Siamondback as the weapon to select, plus it is almost $100 less expensive. The DB will use the same mags as the KelTec, so spare mags are pretty cheap.

    I am ready to buy, and have one on hold til tomorrow am when I plan to go pick it up...whaddaya think?

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    Pass on the Diamondback, I've been reading alot of problems and issues with them from trusted members of a couple of forums. One gun shop by me stopped selling them because of numerous ones being sent back for repairs.
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    Sounds like you have chose your next gun, the DB sure looks like a great gun, I have never seen one in a gun shop. The Sig P238 is also a great gun, I was seriously looking at it until I realized it is the same size as my Kahr PM9, I would suggest you hold it up to a DB and a Sig to see which is the smallest. I would take the 9mm over the 380 if the size is the same. Good luck.

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    from what i have read the db is not a good gun. i would pass on it. take a look at the kel tec and/or ruger. both have a better record.
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    I would not choose either of them. I have 2 of the NAA Guardians, 1 in 380 and one in 32 acp with some custom work done to it. There has been a but load of small 380 guns to come out in the past couple years. Many have issues of one kind or another. Both of my Guardians have eaten everything I have fed them. For 380 acp I only carry the Gold dots from BB, producing better ballistics then a 38 special Hydrashok. I wouldn't buy a pocket auto until you look at the Guardian. If you want to ask me any question just PM me. If you are close to me you can shoot one as well.
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    Between the two you mention... go with the Sig. If you want a small pocket .380 DAO that is light weight, I recommend the Ruger LCP. They are reliable, light, inexpensive, and made in the USA. If you don't mind the extra weight, then take up NCHornet on his offer and go shoot one of his NAA Guardians. But I'd stay away from the Diamondback at this time.
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    Go with the Sig. I love mine and have had zero problems!

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    Go with the Sig, I have also read that the Diamondback has problems. If you have to have the DAO there are several other guns to choose from that may be more reliable than the DB.

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    I just purchased a third LCP today. The Sig 238 is too heavy for me to consider (and I don't like thumb safeties), and the DB has had lots of reports of issues - it's still new to the market.
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    I love my Sig 238. I think the Diamondback is, um.... ah,...less than attractive. Maybe it's a great shooter, I don't know, but the Sig looks like a mini 1911, and acts like one too. (almost, except for the grip safety)

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    I like my Diamondback! The only issue I had was a couple of FTF with lower grain ammo but has been very reliable since. I have about 500 rounds through it.

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    I really like the SIG.
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    I have both of the pistols you mentioned and my suggestion would be, thumbs up for the Sig and down for the DB. My DB is ammo sensitive and the sights are good, but second to the Sig. My Sig has been flawless and the SA trigger is way better for follow up shots, and with the .380 where multiple shots will most definitely come into play in the event you have to use it. I think it's something to consider. Yeah it's a few dollars more, but IMO it's well worth it. They both feel much better than the LCP at the range, but IMO that's really not much of a factor in a SD situation. Bottom line, IMO the Sig is a better pistol and the SA trigger is worth the extra effort while training. YMMV

    On a side note, this is the second time I've read where someone said the Sig is the same size as the PM9 Still trying to figure that one out, cause it's not.

    Truthfully, it's not much smaller than the Kahr, but it is smaller none the less. For pocket carry the Sig wins the day over the PM9 in the pocket concealment factor. Caliber is a different story, but the Buffalo Bore 100gr HC round makes a good alternative to the 9mm vs .380 concerns, for me anyway.

    Good luck with your choice....


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    I read alot of reviews and forum replys before purchasing my Diamondback in July. I wanted a small auto as a BUG while on duty and needed something that would conceal behind my body armor that is worn externally. I now have about 250 rounds of Speer Gold Dot and Speer Lawman ammo through the gun with no problems. It didnot like the Sellor and Bellot ammo and I had several FTF with that. It likes ammo with a pop to it and I believe that is because of the double recoil spring which allows for reduced felt recoil. The SIG is a great weapon but it is to big and heavy for my purpose and I prefer DOA as all my carry and off duty are Glocks. Good luck in your search. I have included a link if you have not already seen it.
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    Wow, nobody mentioned the P238 has had problems. Ok, if you get one please ensure that it is a very new build date, within the past couple of months. Mine was 09-09 and was 1,400 rounds of pure hell and 4 trips to Sig, the final one they replaced it. That was April, it still sits NIB. If it works it is great.

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