S&W 442-1; range report

S&W 442-1; range report

This is a discussion on S&W 442-1; range report within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I finally took out the new (to me ) 442-1. My wife and I wanted to see how it stacked up to the LCP. I ...

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Thread: S&W 442-1; range report

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    S&W 442-1; range report

    I finally took out the new (to me ) 442-1. My wife and I wanted to see how it stacked up to the LCP.

    I gotta say that I really like this little wheelgun. The trigger was smooth and consistent from start to finish.

    Not really knowing what to expect; I hadn't shot a revolver in a dozen years, (it was a 6" S&W .357) I didn't dry fire or anything, just pulled up and let rip 5 shots of 158 grain FMC from Magtech, at about 7 yards...

    S&W 442-1; range report-090400_1331-00-.jpgS&W 442-1; range report-090400_1331-01-.jpgS&W 442-1; range report-s-w-442-1-first-shots.jpg

    I was pleasantly surprised

    The rest of my outing was the same, my wife shot it, too; she did rather well. The downside was, that the LCP was doing some malfunctioning. A few type 1 and one type 3

    I'm not going to lie; I really prefer this over the LCP. I can put the bullets where I want, the trigger is better and it carries just as easily. It definitely has more felt recoil than the .380, but it hits in a different place on my hand. It is much more controllable, to me anyway.

    The round boot grip conforms to my hand in a way that the wee Ruger can only dream about. I have small hands and the j-frame is just about perfect; I can get a good high grip and reach the trigger easily. No twisting and cursing to get a good grip and good trigger control

    For my last round of 5; I put the j-frame in my left, weak side, pocket; to try out a quick point shoot. I'm not well versed in point shooting, but I wanted to see how I'd do; left handed, too. I got a good grip and presented about halfway to eye level and let rip. Again, the little revolver was just 100% fun and on target. I did have one flyer, but I chalk that up to my inexperience in non-sighted shooting. I didn't get a picture, but the paper bad guy suffered two collapsed lungs, a broken collar bone and a bit of heartburn.

    Summary: I'm keeping this little guy forever if it always performs like this.

    The LCP is really my wife's. I was contemplating getting another, so I could have two carry options. Then I decided to try out a snubbie, because I always wanted one, and because I had to try out other options. Man, am I glad that I did.

    I've got a Remora holster coming for it (RamRod spoke highly of it, so I'm gonna try it) and I'll post pics and a report when it comes in.

    We're even tossing around the idea of selling the LCP to get another

    Did I mention how much that I like this snubbie?
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    Yeah, you did mention it and I can see why. A fun report. I feel pretty much the same way about small revolvers over small automatics.
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