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Kimber Ultra II thoughts

This is a discussion on Kimber Ultra II thoughts within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry what's in my avatar both being Kimbers. I do shoot alot and make sure the pistols are in working order and never leave ...

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Thread: Kimber Ultra II thoughts

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    I carry what's in my avatar both being Kimbers. I do shoot alot and make sure the pistols are in working order and never leave them dirty. I have a G23 that I don't have a holster for yet that I'll work into the rotation. If this is you only pistol the Glock is cheaper, lower to maintain. The 1911 in general IMHO require light gunsmith skills to determine what a problem is so that it can be resolved by the owner most times such as a bad mag or extractor tuning. 1911's even the 5k ones can be ammo specific. I recommend one to get a 1911 when they have another pistol and/or time to invest in understanding how it works inside out, it is trully a professional/enthusiast's piece and not for the novice.

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    I'm a glock guy too, but I own several 1911's (entry level) and other autos. I drool over the Kimbers, I save $ for a Kimber purchase, I earnestly would love to own a Kimber. But: I've been burned by KelTec and Taurus; should have known I wouldn't be one of the lucky ones to get a good one. But a lesson learned on a $300 - $400 gun is much less painful than a lesson learned on a $900 gun.

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    I own both an ultra carry 2 and a g19.

    I love both. Ive been carrying the g19 more lately because of the higher capacity, but the kimber is a beautiful choice and I havent had any issues with it. I say get one if you can afford it and get the other later =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teufelhunde View Post
    I have to take issue with this. The Glock is an accurate weapon, HOWEVER, a Kimber Ultra is much more accurate. (More accurate than I am). For a carry weapon, either is plenty accurate.
    Agreed with within 7 yards my UCII is direct point of aim with the front site. I could draw a smily face at seven yards on a paper target.

    7 yards below top target was my fault bottom one was the pistol shinning. These were 185 grain Hornady critical defense. Shoot's Winchester 230gr Ranger T +p's just as well, which is my carry load.

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    Okay, here's my take, worth every cent you're paying for it: If I counted right, I presently own 13 Glocks and about the same number of Kimbers. I've worked on lots of Glocks, lots of Kimbers, both to customize and to fix problems. I've shot both in competition, both IDPA and USPSA. Internet hubbub notwithstanding, I've seen both fail, but I'm willing to rely on either, once I've proven a given specimen to work. On my hip right now, and most days, is a Kimber Ultra Aegis, converted to 9x23. It is 100% reliable, accurate beyond any defensive need, and easy for me to shoot precisely. Despite having shot them a great deal, I find that I cannot shoot a Glock precisely unless it has had pretty extensive trigger-smithing done. Not true of a 1911-type, for me at least.

    One caveat: If you get an Ultra Carry, be sure to replace your recoil springs every 1000 rounds, or preferably less, and keep an eye on magazine springs, too. I always replace the mag springs with Wolff extra-power springs at the outset. The slide dwell on these little beasts is short, and they are not forgiving of weak recoil or magazine springs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justherenow View Post
    If Springfield made a 3in or so 1911 it would be a considerable firearm.
    They do. I have one. It was called the Micro Compact when I bought it. I went back and forth between Kimber and Springfield, and settled on the Springfield because of the perceived poor customer service at Kimber, and the good customer service at Springfield. I have no regrets.
    It's a fine .45, and lays flat in a IWB holster.

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    Lots and lots of useful information and I want to thank each and every person who posted. A friend has a Springfield nad I am going to see if he will let me shoot his, but am more than likely goint to stick with the platform that I am familar with. I was thinking 1911 for the safety aspect (I feel a bit safer carring something with a manual safety) and only was thinking Kimber because of their so beautiful to look at, LOL.
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    Between the two, and we are talking about a conceal/carry defensive gun? I would get the glock. Reliability is key here. With the money saved, you can buy a nice carry holster and LOTS of practice ammo.

    One of my carry rigs include a Kimber ultra covert II from the custom shop. It stressed me out to no end, when I first got it. Numerous FTF, FTE. And it only likes certain mags. Doesn't even like my wilson combat 47OCX mags. It does function well with cheap mecgar 6 rounders? Go figure. I had to send it back to kimber and they did some work on the feed ramp and tuned the extractor and deburred the slide stop. It works great now and is a tack driver. But I still don't trust it 100%. It has an occasional fail to feed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    Re-read my statement more carefully - that's exactly what I am saying.
    I are bad

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    It doesn't look like you're dead set on 9mm vs. .45ACP. Have you looked at the Springfield EMP?

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    I had a Glock in .40, liked it--it was stolen from my truck. I replaced it with a Kimber Ultra II Raptor. Love my Kimber, its my EDC, but now lusting over a Wilson or Ed Brown.
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    Well I own 3 Kimbers. A 5" Stainless II, a 4"CDP Pro, and a 3" Ultra Carry (my EDC). I have owned a Glock (G22) and will have a new G36 in my hands in a couple of days. My take is that if you want to own a Kimber and not have to fight with their customer service or become a shade tree 1911 gunsmith then buy a Glock. You may or may not get a Kimber that works from the factory, then you need to decide to send it back to them several times to maybe get it fixed or fix it yourself. They can be great guns, but my experience is that they have not a clue on how to tune an extractor and obviously have no desire to learn. This seems to be their biggest issue with feed problems. My brother had a brand new CDP Pro that was a jamomatic all was required to fix it was a Wilson Combat etractor properly tuned. Of course the Kimber extractor could have been made to work but he was so mad at Kimber at this point that he tore theirs out and just replaced it. So what it boils down to is what you want to do to make it run. Any decent gun can be made good, Glocks tend to be good from the git go. Kimbers well maybe yes and then again ???.
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    I had a Kimber UC II, sold it...mine was just too picky about ammo and magazines. I'll stick with my Springfield Mil-spec....goes bang every single time
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    I can't for the life of me figure out why anybody would buy a gun that they think requires a 500 round breakin. And why would anyone think 500 rounds was enough for a product with such poorly controlled tolerances?

    Breakin is tolerance adjustment through wear and tear. Period. I can't see the upside of that scenario.

    The only thing the 500 round breakin period requirement proves is that the manufacturer doesn't understand the production tolerances required to make the gun perform as designed, or doesn't care. Take your pick, doesn't matter. Neither is acceptable.

    And then they charge twice as much for their product as a gun that will work flawlessly out of the box? And people buy them. Go figure?

    It isn't the 1911 design, it's the manufacturer. I have friends with Springfield 1911's and they don't need a 500 round breakin. They just work.

    My 6 year old G3 Glock 19 didn't need any break in. It's worked fine since the first round. I put a couple hundred rounds through it before I carried it the first time waiting for my permit to arrive, but it worked perfectly even for a newbie. It's over 5,000 rounds now, eats anything I feed it. It has to be the least fussy gun on the planet, although my G26 eats anything I feed it too, but it only has a couple thousand rounds through it. I have 8 magazines for my 19, bought at different times in different places, and they all work. They all work in my 26 too. No muss, no fuss, load and go.

    Glocks have a well earned reputation for reliability. In the Utah permit class I took a couple of weeks ago, as part of the introduction to the cleaning section, the instructor asked the class, "how often do you have to clean a Glock?" There was a chorus of answers "never". Glocks aren't pretty, or artistic, or romantic, or the most accurate. But they are more than accurate enough for CQB and most important, they work, everytime.

    I field strip mine every month, wipe the dust balls, lint, sawdust, sand, and other crap that accumulates from being carried out of them with a Q-Tip, reassemble and stick back in the holster. Every 3 or 4 months I clean them with real solvents and patches, lube sparingly, and return to the holster. Other than that, pack and shoot.

    I do have a "tool" for completely disassembling my Glocks, and I've done it a couple of times just for fun. They don't need it, but it's fun and it's nice to know I can fix anything in them in a few minutes, no special training required beyond watching a DVD, or watching a U-Tube video.

    The Glock is every day handgun proof of the validity of the KISS principle.

    I had a Kimber Ultra II in my had at Cabela's yesterday. I just couldn't bring myself to part with the price of a Glock 30 plus a Glock 36 to take it and 3 or 4 magazines home. So I left it there.

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    I don't have time to read three pages of this old thread but has the OP made a purchase yet?
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