GSG1911 - Happy Birthday To Me

GSG1911 - Happy Birthday To Me

This is a discussion on GSG1911 - Happy Birthday To Me within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife got me this fantastic B-Day present early... Or maybe I should say that I got it for me on her behalf. :D Me ...

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Thread: GSG1911 - Happy Birthday To Me

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    Thumbs up GSG1911 - Happy Birthday To Me

    My wife got me this fantastic B-Day present early... Or maybe I should say that I got it for me on her behalf. :D Me so happy!!!

    This is the new German made GSG1911 (German Sports Guns GSG). It is a .22lr version of a 1911 that will allow me to shoot all day long for pennies per shot. I really needed a cheap shooter, with a 1911 feel, so that I can work on point-aiming techniques.

    My trip to the range was really surprising. I was pretty accurate with the new gun, but I found it to be distinctly different from my other 1911's and other full-size handguns. The shocker was that I had absolutely ZERO issues out of more than 300 rounds fired. This new shooter seems more reliable than a Timex watch so far, and is more reliable than the average .22lr semi-auto on the market today. Even with its added complexity, I would have to put it into the same reliability range of a Ruger Mark III.

    The GSG1911 is a much more solid handgun than the Chiappa Puma 1911 .22lr that debuted a few months ago. I was astounded at the fit, finish and detail that went into the manufacture of this gun. It is far better built than you might expect a $324 handgun to be.

    30 Shots at 12-yards on a Post-It Note. (I almost lost 2 of them)

    This will tighten up quite a bit with more time. I'm happy with the results the 1st time out.

    GSG 1911 Web Site
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    Looks and sounds like a winner...congrats on the new pistola!
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    Congrats, nice pistol, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

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    Very nice! Congrats and Happy Birthday ... early
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    Oooooooo! Happy birthday to you! ;)

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    nice piece-happy birthday

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    Looks and sounds great!!!! Great price too. That is a fantastic alternative to expensive 45ACP for a person that loves the look, feel, and shooting of a 1911. I'm going to keep this on my short list. Thanks for the post.
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    Happy Birthday and congrats on your new shooter!!
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    Congrats and Happy Birthday!

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    I bought one about 2 months ago,They do have issues that are being addressed,not sure if yours has the upgrades or not,the ambi-safety for lefties if it isn't fitted well and is hard to take off and on safe will break,When I received the replacement I had to do some filing to get it to operate smoothly,but still stay in whatever position was selected.I had mine at about 1000 rounds thru the gun had the barrel bushing that retains the recoil spring and cap bent forward at 90 degrees and I watched my recoil spring launch toward the target.ATI replaced everything and my problems were not Isolated incidents,GSG is in the process of making stronger parts from what I hear.
    I have put over 2000 rounds thru it since I replaced the parts with no further hiccups,the gun will shoot cheap bulk box ammo like nobodys business,and IMHO is a true 1911 clone.The Chiappa from what I've heard has major issues and doesn't come close to the GSG 1911 for about the same money
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    Thumbs up

    Color me happy!

    The follow-up to my original post has to do with accuracy. I could go on and on about the 1,300 flawless rounds over the last three days, but I'll just stick to how accurate the GSG1911 is.

    At 46, I cannot claim to have great eyes anymore, but my hands are steady. The targets below represent 10 shots each at 15-yards. The shooting is off-hand in a modified weaver stance. So... Is the GSG1911 accurate? You be the judge.

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